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Using old lenses , Hoya M42 28mm f2.8

Hoya 35mm M42 1
Hoya M42 , 28mm f2.8 lens

Using Old M42 lenses on a digital SLR

Hoya 35mm M42 11
M42 lenses fit to the camera body using an adaptor for the body you own.

Over the years that I have been taking images using SLR cameras both film and now Digital, the items that I have always show the most interest in are the lenses I have Purchased.

These days lenses are usually purchased as a secondary item to the camera body, with all the dazzling features and technology that goes into cameras and marketing them, it is easy to forget just how important an item a lens is.

It is the lens that produces the image, the camera just records this image and if its a great lens then your image stands a good chance of being so too.

Something that becomes very clear to you, the longer your into photography is that for the most part, lens technology the parts of the lens that really create the image, has been very good for a long time. Little development is needed with the type of glass and the coatings that are used on the lenses.

Most of the development today is with adding lens features such as image stabilisation, the process of moving some of the lens elements to allow for any movement in the camera while it is being held in your hands and help produce a stable image.

So just how far back do you have to go to get a good if not great lens ?

Hoya is a lens filter and lens coating company, they have done huge amounts of research and development over an very long period of time. you may know of them mostly through their UV filters that are attached to a lot of peoples lenses.

Back in the 1970’s along with a lens manufacture Tokina they also sold a limited number of great lenses, I am lucky enough to own a Hoya 28mm f2.8 M42 lens in very good condition, it cost £50 in 1975. I have used this lens for many years for Landscape work and have always been very happy with its results.

This is a fully Manual lens , No auto focus, no stabilisation, No auto exposure and just perfect for Landscapes.

I feel that landscape photography should take a little time and the fact that everything is fully manual with this lens, just adds to this experience. You have to think through all the settings and this extends into your thoughts about what your taking images of.

I feel that this Hoya lens is one on the best I have for reproducing great colours, contrast and sharpness.

The Gallery below is just a quick sample of some very recent images taken using this lens.

Hoya M42 28mm, f2.8 lens gallery

Hoya 35mm M42 15

Hoya 35mm M42 12

Hoya 35mm M42 14

Hoya 35mm M42 6

Hoya 35mm M42 7

Hoya 35mm M42 8

Hoya 35mm M42 9

Hoya 35mm M42 10

Mount Gabriel, County Cork

Mount Gabriel_Panorama
Mount Gabrial, county Cork
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Mount Gabriel, (Cnoc Osta in Irish) is a mountain on the Mizen Peninsula to the north of the town of Schull, in West Cork, Ireland.

The Mountain is some 407m high and is the highest in the region of west cork, you can use a roadway that services a air traffic control radar to walk or drive to the top.

From the peak of Mt. Gabriel, there are spectacular views South over Schull Harbour and Long Island Bay. To the east and southeast, the views take in Roaring Water Bay and its many islands, popularly known as Carbery’s Hundred Isles. North and West is a panoramic view of the mountains of the Beara Peninsula and South Kerry.

The day we visited it weather was warm and very clear and we got some great views, this is a wonderful walk to do if you are in West cork and one that you will not forget, on a clear day you can see the entire county and all the Peninsulas of west Cork and Kerry to the north.

Mount Gabriel, County Cork, A Gallery

Mount Gabriel_09

Mount Gabriel_10

Mount Gabriel_05

Mount Gabriel_02

Mount Gabriel_03

Mount Gabriel_04

Mount Gabriel_01

Mount Gabriel_07

Mount Gabriel_08

Following the light .

Finding the light 06
Following the suns light through the trees
Castlemorris Woodlands , County KIlkenny
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

During the Winter months the Suns is sitting low in the sky for most of the day, this is a feature that I personally like a lot when taking images. Long shadows form on the landscape from woodlands and trees , hedge rows form deep and dark areas in your images during the morning and long into the afternoon.

What about the Sun in the deepness of the forests, its light finds it hard to penetrate far into the woodlands and onto forest floors.

If you get as deep into the woods as you can and find an thinned area of old tall trees however the light that does get through can be used to wonderful effect, in the images below I did my best to capture the light that was getting through, making use of some moss covered rocked and the trunks of the trees themselves.

One thing I noticed was that if you position the sun right behind a tree , the light wraps its way around both sides of the trees in front of you, forming an outline of sun light.

I also very much like placing the sun on the very edge of the image or just outside it and using lens flare to bring a beam of light on to some of the rocks and plants.

Following the suns light through the trees: Gallery

Finding the light 01

Finding the light 02

Finding the light 03

Finding the light 04

Finding the light 05

Monday mornings in the Mist

Monday Trees at Coolagh 001
Mist on a Monday Morning
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Misty Monday Mornings.

Some Monday Mornings start full of purpose, the weekend has revived your spirits and you have a clear focus of what your aims are for the week. Other Monday mornings you just don’t know what your doing, you have aims but they just are not in focus sitting in a misty haze and you just cannot reach out to grab them.

This Monday morning, well ?

It was a wonderful Morning for a walk to clear my mind and try to find some direction, the mist was down on the local fields again and a blue and very peaceful haze just floated about the trees.

After Lunch time I hope the mist will lift ….. ?

Monday Trees at Coolagh 003

Monday Trees at Coolagh 004

Monday Trees at Coolagh 002

When the river is high , A black and white image Gallery

High river flow 1
When the River is high, the river Suir, County Tipperary
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The river Suir in county Tipperary is one place I just love to spend sometime, in the winter it floods and bursts its bands many times. During these times it wonderful to get very close to the river , to walk along its banks and see the fields along side flooded with river water.

These Images are from a walk taken yesterday afternoon, the weather this week is predicted to give even more rain, I may get time to return and see the effect that this will have on the river bank.

When The river is high, Black and white Gallery

High river flow 2

High river flow 3

High river flow 4

High river flow 5

High river flow 6

High river flow 7

High river flow 8

High river flow 9

High river flow 10

High river flow 11

High river flow 12

The Herons flight , Galway Bay.

The Herons flight galway bay 1
Herons flying above Galway bay
Nature Photography Nigel Borrington

On a very enjoyable visit, I managed to Capture these Herons during a spring time visit to Galway Bay. At this time of year the Local Herons are hunting along the coast line for fish and getting ready to nest build in the spring.

To get these images I stood under some trees along side a beach and captured them as they flew above me.

The Herons flight : Gallery

The Herons flight galway bay 6

The Herons flight galway bay 2

The Herons flight galway bay 3

The Herons flight galway bay 1

The Herons flight galway bay 5

The first flowers of Spring

The first signs of Spring 2014
Snow drops, the first flowers of spring
Nature photography : Nigel Borrington

Each January The first flowers of spring are the snow drops, I love to see these flowers, the winter is not yet over, yet they bring into your mind the spring that will soon be here.

Snow drops…..

The Unnamed Lake, Poem by : Frederick George Scott (1861-1944)

The Unnamed Lake 3
The Unnamed Lake,Comeragh Mountains,Co.Waterford
Irish Landscape Photography

The Unnamed Lake

By : Frederick George Scott (1861-1944)

IT sleeps among the thousand hills
Where no man ever trod,
And only nature’s music fills
The silences of God.

Great mountains tower above its shore,
Green rushes fringe its brim,
And o’er its breast for evermore
The wanton breezes skim.

Dark clouds that intercept the sun
Go there in Spring to weep,
And there, when Autumn days are done,
White mists lie down to sleep.

Sunrise and sunset crown with gold
The peaks of ageless stone,
Where winds have thundered from of old
And storms have set their throne.

The Unnamed Lake 2.

No echoes of the world afar
Disturb it night or day,
The sun and shadow, moon and star
Pass and repass for aye.

‘Twas in the grey of early dawn,
When first the lake we spied,
And fragments of a cloud were drawn
Half down the mountain side.

Along the shore a heron flew,
And from a speck on high,
That hovered in the deepening blue,
We heard the fish-hawk’s cry.

Among the cloud-capt solitudes,
No sound the silence broke,
Save when, in whispers down the woods,
The guardian mountains spoke.

The Unnamed Lake 1.

Through tangled brush and dewy brake,
Returning whence we came,
We passed in silence, and the lake
We left without a name.

January Sky. A poem by : Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

January sky
Landscape view of south county Kilkenny
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

January Sky

Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

January chill freezes sky –
Early morning silhouette of pines
Are lifeless…

I close the blinds to this pale sky and go to
The east window where the sunrise
Throws kisses to awaken the day,
With promises to make me smile and
Bring the trees to life.

Her promise glows!

Down in the deep water, Image and Poem

Down in deep water
Castlecomer lakes and river Dinin, county KIlkenny
Infra-red image
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Down in the deep water..

Down in the deep water
By the edge of the river
Where I ponder my life
Just how did I get to this

Down in the deep water
By the edge of the river
Where the waterfall of dreams
Sweeps away what’s left to the abyss

Down in the deep water
By the edge of the river
Where time stands still
just only forever.

Down in the deep water
By the edge of the river
Where I buried all
That was ever my childhood

Where I let it go,
Where it bends and meanders,
Twisting along as the years went past.
Seemingly calm, but screaming beneath the surface
Were its hidden whirlpools, a sweeping current

Down in the deep water,
I left the edge of the river,
As I looked down
For my soul at the bottom.

Deep in the deep water
Swept away by the river

I drowned in life,

Sinking forever.


Leenane county Mayo 3
Leenane, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The town of Leenane, Connemara, County Galway

The beautiful village of Leenane, snugly situated at the head of Killary Harbour, is often aptly described as the ‘Gateway to Connemara’. The roads from Maam, Clifden, and Westport meet at this point. Killary Harbour extends ten miles inland and with the mountains rising steeply on either side provides what is probably the best scenery in Ireland. Walkers have access to Mweelrea, Sheefry, Paltry and Maumturk Mountains.

Leenane with its surrounds is a haven for geologists due to a great variety of sedimentary, volcanic and metamorphic rocks. There is good fishing in the local Erriff and Delphi rivers. Well known beauty spots include Aasleagh Falls and Doolough Valley, scene of the tragic famine walk. A film adaptation of John B. Keane’s famous play “The Field”, directed by Jim Sherdian, was made in Leenane in 1989. Well-known stars taking part included the late Richard Harris, John Hurt and Tom Berrenger. Visitors can visit many of the locations used as sets in the film.


Leenane county Mayo 1

Leenane county Mayo 8

Leenane county Mayo 2

Leenane county Mayo 4

Leenane county Mayo 5

Leenane county Mayo 6

Leenane county Mayo 7

Leenane county Mayo 3

Jerpoint Park

Jerpoint park 4
Jerpoint Park, County Kilkenny
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Newtown Jerpoint the Lost Town

Jerpoint Park in County Kilkenny hosts a Monument of notable importance: The Lost Town of Newtown Jerpoint.

Map of the village

Map of the village

It was founded by either Earl Marshall or Griffin Fitzwilliam in 12th century, just west of the Cistercian Abbey, where the main crossing of the River Nore was formed by a tole paying bridge.

It was a vibrant town, with approx 27 dwelling houses, a court house, woollen mill, a tannery, a brewery and reputed to have had 14 taverns. It was powered by two water wheels working on the little Arrigle River and a tower house stood near the market place, where a wealthy merchant would have lived.

Jerpoint park 7

Traveling further up East-West Street, St. Nicholas’s Church and graveyard are situated over looking the town, where the earthly remains of St. Nicholas ( Bishop of Myra) lay a unique feature of this church is the rood-screen which dates from the 15th century; this is the gallery-like construction running across the church between the nave and the chancel. It was used to support a missive reconstruction of the crucifixion, while the floored area above could also have been used for religious plays and choirs. The final phase was the construction of a small tower over the rood-screen itself, which served as the priest’s residence.

The Heritage Council of Ireland has published a Heritage Conservation Plan about Newtown Jerpoint that you can download.

Saint Nicholas Bishop of Myra

Jerpoint park 1

Saint Nicholas was born in 260ad in Patara, a coastal town in what is now Turkey. The poor knew him throughout the land for his generosity, his love for children and being associated with ships, the sea and sailors. He was eventually consecrated Bishop of Myra, just miles from his hometown. The beloved Bishop died in 343ad.

Many Christian churches and many countries observe December 6th his feast day with great celebrations, processions, services and gift giving.

Images of St. Nicholas in paintings, icons, statues, collectibles, and stained glass often show him alongside three young men in a barrel that he brought back to life after an innkeeper murdered them. He is almost always seen with three bags or balls as well, symbolising the three bags of gold he tossed through the chimney of the home of a poor man in his village for the daughters dowry, so they would not be sold as slaves. Thus he is also seen as the “gift giver”. A ship and the sea are also common symbols of the saint. Western and Eastern depictions of blessed Nicholas differ in style and costume.

Jerpoint park 5

Saint Nicholas is a patron of many places and people. He is closely associated with Russia, Greece, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Aberdeen and New York. Pawnbrokers, travellers, unwed persons, children, sailors and many others claim a special relationship to the saintly figure. Many churches are dedicated to him as well. Saint Nicholas is third most popular subject of icons in the church, with only Jesus Christ and the blessed Virgin Mary having more representations.

Tradition in these parts tell that the earthly remains of St. Nicholas were secretly removed from Bari by returning crusader knights, who brought them back to Newtown Jerpoint for safe keeping. They buried those remains with all due reverence in the church that to this day bears the Saint’s name. The grave of St. Nicholas is marked by beautifully carved grave slab just outside the church, the tall figure of the Saint dominates the carving, and flanking him on both sides are the heads of the two crusader knights who brought his remains here.

Jerpoint Park, Black and white Gallery

Jerpoint park 2

Jerpoint park 4

Jerpoint park 3

Jerpoint park 6

Found things in the Irish woodlands : Image Gallery .

Found things in the Irish woodlands 9

Nikon D700, 24-70mm f2.8 lens
Found objects in the Irish woodlands
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

From a personal Stand point one of the things I love doing most photographically is to just explorer my Local surroundings, I walk our dog Molly a 10 1/2 year old Golden retriever everyday and carry a camera with me for most of these trips out. the Local Kilkenny woodlands in December are still surprisingly full of life and things to capture.

The following Gallery is from a trip to Castle Morris woodland, last week.

Found things in the Kilkenny woodlands

Found things in the Irish woodlands 1

Found things in the Irish woodlands 3

Found things in the Irish woodlands 5

Found things in the Irish woodlands 6

Found things in the Irish woodlands 7

Found things in the Irish woodlands 4

Found things in the Irish woodlands 8

Found things in the Irish woodlands 2

Found things in the Irish woodlands 10

Found things in the Irish woodlands 11

Images from the road , A west cork Sunrise

West cork sunrise
Nikon D7000, 35mm, f2.8 Nikon lens
The Sunrises over Reentrusk bay and the Atlantic ocean , West Cork, Ireland
Irish Landscape Photography
Nigel Borrington

One very early Morning on the first of November, I was out walking our dog Molly along the coast road that links Reentrusk and Allihies, west cork. The Sun was just starting to rise in the distance so I took this images along the Atlantic coastline looking to the North.

These early morning coastline walks in the Autumn are wonderful after a cold a fresh night.

Its a winters weekend so why not….

Its the weekend so find a beach 1
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm vr 11 lens
Monatray West Beach, county Waterford

Its a winters weekend so why not find a beach and go for a long walk….

On a beach, a winters weekend

I walk on the winter beach
from here to there
and beyond where the beach ends
past indifferent sea gulls
over beached kelps
over bleached sea shells
to the sound of crushing waves
to the call of ebbing memories

Its the weekend so find a beach 2.

I walk on the winter beach
I shall go
I must go
beyond where the beach ends

As the Sky Touches the Earth, by Robert Stephen Herrick

Storm clouds over the lake 1
Nikon D7000, 24mm f2.8 lens
Lough Conn, County Mayo
Irish landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

As the Sky Touches the Earth,

by Robert Stephen Herrick

Wild whisps of torn clouds swirl
rising in energy from wicked winds
and create a surge in the speed
of spinning in succession
slowly at first, yet the terror
turns into an ominous element
yearning and beginning
to take its path.

Forces of nature may often seem
to be manageable to the untrained eye,
though the might and horrifying height
sets its sight and it towers
from the heavens down to the low earth,
terror fills the most hardened heart
as the deadly dread devours
living souls with its suprelative speed.

Unconditional surrender to this fear
is a forced humbling indeed
as homes are flattened like sheet metal
from the turbulent courses
descending in an enormous twisting,
spiraling and ripping of the world
within pieces apart and yet
waiting for no reply.

Storm clouds over the land
Croaghaul, Achill Island, Ireland
Irish landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

As the sky touches the earth,
danger is eminent and to be found
in gigantic proportions
tearing apart homes and localities,
shreading living beings and lives
then showering down dirt and debris
across a wide landscape
like a wicked child at play.

Tumultuous and catastrophic with its
destruction, this titanic giant of air
collectively rushed together
breathed in its peril by inhaling
that which once covered
the surface of the earth then
exhaled all it had, but miles away,
staying solid on its path
with determinded disruption,
on its way with its
whirling winds.

Culzean Castle, Adopt a deer .

Scottish red deer 1
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm VR2 lens
Culzean Castle, Maybole, Carrick, Ayrshire,Scotland.
Red Deer, Stag
Scottish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The Nation trust through Culzean Castle, estate let you adopt a deer for a year :

Culzean Castle 1

An exciting Animal Adoption Scheme is now available, providing the opportunity to help support the Deer Park at Culzean Castle & Country Park by adopting one of there deer herd. This could be purchased for yourself and /or could also make an excellent gift for a family member or a friend.

All monies from your adoption go towards the upkeep of your chosen animal, which include feeding, veterinary care etc and lasts for a period of one year.

Scottish red deer 2

The is Cost Per Year = £40.00

Culzean Castle, Maybole, Carrick, Ayrshire,Scotland.

Culzean Castle 1
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm VR2 lens
Culzean Castle, Maybole, Carrick, Ayrshire,Scotland.
Scottish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Culzean Castle

Culzean is one of Scotland’s best loved Castles, offering something for everyone to enjoy. Situated on the South Ayrshire coast, just off the A719, Culzean Castle is located 12 miles south of Ayr and 4 miles west of Maybole.

Culzean Castle was constructed as an L-plan castle by order of the 10th Earl of Cassilis. He instructed the architect Robert Adam to rebuild a previous, but more basic, structure into a fine country house to be the seat of his earldom. The castle was built in stages between 1777 and 1792. It incorporates a large drum tower with a circular saloon inside (which overlooks the sea), a grand oval staircase and a suite of well-appointed apartments.

In 1945, the Kennedy family gave the castle and its grounds to the National Trust for Scotland (thus avoiding inheritance tax). In doing so, they stipulated that the apartment at the top of the castle be given to General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower in recognition of his role as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during the Second World War. The General first visited Culzean Castle in 1946 and stayed there four times, including once while President of the United States. An Eisenhower exhibition occupies one of the rooms, with mementoes of his lifetime.

For opening hours, admission prices and directions to reach the Castle please see ‘General Information’

Culzean has a long tradition of welcoming local people, members of The National Trust for Scotland and holiday makers from all around the world.

During the Summer Season, the Castle, gardens, Visitor Centre, shops and restaurants will be open daily from Thursday 28 March to Sunday 28 October 2013 (inclusive). Please see ‘General Information’ for more details and opening hours.

During the Winter season our Visitor Centre Shops and Restaurant are open each Saturday and Sunday (with the exception of the Christmas and New Year period) from 11.00am until 4.00pm. However, please see ‘Events at Culzean’ for further details.

The 600 acre Estate offers many spectacular features. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Rainbow on the surface, Loch Lomand – Scotland

Rain on Loch Lomond 5
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm Vr lens
Rainbow falling on Loch Lomand
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Just for a moment the clouds opened up a gap for the Sun to shine on the surface of Loch Lomand and this Rainbow was formed, hitting the water just in front of a small boat.

Morning rain on Loch Lomand

Rain on Loch Lomond 2
Nikon D7000, 35mm f1.8 lens
Rain falling on Lock Lomand, Scotland
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Last week I stayed in Luss on the banks of loch lomond, Scotland.

I got up early and walked down the the water front, it was a very wet morning so I took a large brolly with me and my Nikon. The rain was so heavy that it gave the entire surface of the loch take on a matt look. I took lots of images as you can see below.

The water level in the Loch is very high at the moment as you can see from the pier, used for local boat trips, as it was flooded and about two inches below the surface.

Rain on Loch Lomand : Gallery

Rain on Loch Lomond 1

Sunday on Loch Lomand

Rain on Loch Lomond 3

Rain on Loch Lomond 4

Rain on Loch Lomond 2

5 solo images for the week (Wednesday).

Puffins on Skellig Michael 1
Puffins on skellig michael
Irish landscape and wild-life photography :
Nigel Borrington

Puffins on skellig michael

I will post fully very soon on the Skellig Islands, a visit to both Islands is just Magical.

Each year the Islands are home to one of the worlds biggest colonies of Puffins and the above image is just one from many I got on a Visit back in July. The cliff top slopes on Skellig Michael are just breathtaking and you have to be very careful not to slip.

I really enjoyed getting these images as these wonderful bird are just magical to be around.

Sunday Evenings

An evening by the river 3

Nikon D7000, 18-200mm lens, iso 100
Sunday evening, River Suir, Tipperary
Landscape photography by : Nigel Borrington

Sunday evenings are my most favourite time of the week, the weekends light is fading fast and we have a new week ahead of us, new chances to grow and reach our aims.

Its the weekend so..

Find a forest walk 7
Nikon D7000 with
Nikon 50mm f1.8 Manual focus Ais lens
Irish woodlands, county kilkenny
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Its the weekend so why not find a local woodland, put on some boots and go for a Walk.

Get out side into the Autumn mist and colours …..

Clear you mind and Relax.

Find a forest walk 2

Find a forest walk 3

Find a forest walk 4

Find a forest walk 5

Find a forest walk 1

Find a forest walk 6

Life in an October hedgerow

Horse fly 1
Nikon D7000, nikon 60mm f2.8 macro lens
Life in a county Kilkenny hedgerow
Irish nature and landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

In an October hedge-row

The Hedgerows in county Kilkenny at this time of year are so full of life, Insects, berries, flowers and leafs.

I just love capturing all of these natural things as they change and get ready for the winter !

Life in an October hedgerow : Gallery

rose hip 1
Rose hip

fly 1

Blackthorn 1
Blackthorn flowers

fly 2

Hawthorn 1
Hawthorn berries

Horse fly 1
Horse fly

Ivy 1
Ivy leaf

Horse fly 2
Horse fly

Blackberrie leaf 1
Blackberry Leaf