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Irish Landscape, Black and white Photography – Out of the Fog,

Irish Landscape images, county Kilkenny : The fog after the rain, a poem

Irish landscape images County Kilkenny  after the rain

Irish landscape images
County Kilkenny
after the rain

The fog after the rain , a poem

Rain falls all day in the old valley,
All the woodlands swimming underneath the steaming fog.
What peaceful sound I hear,
softly rings out of the sparkling
Woods and fields,
song of a thousand winter birds
announcing the setting sun,
Who sings loudest, after the rains.

Landscape Images of County Kilkenny , a winters day on the sheep farm.

Images of County Kilkenny Sheep farm in the winter Nigel Borrington

Images of County Kilkenny
Sheep farm in the winter
Nigel Borrington

These late winters day have been full of early morning mist and fog, many of the farmers keep their animals enclosed in barns or walled yards at this time of year.

I came across this great scene last weekend while out walking in the mist , an old farm house and its yard used these days for this very function.

Kilkenny Landscape Photography sheep behind the gate on a farm on a winters day

Kilkenny Landscape Photography gate on a farm on a winters day

Monday mornings in the Mist

Monday Trees at Coolagh 001
Mist on a Monday Morning
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Misty Monday Mornings.

Some Monday Mornings start full of purpose, the weekend has revived your spirits and you have a clear focus of what your aims are for the week. Other Monday mornings you just don’t know what your doing, you have aims but they just are not in focus sitting in a misty haze and you just cannot reach out to grab them.

This Monday morning, well ?

It was a wonderful Morning for a walk to clear my mind and try to find some direction, the mist was down on the local fields again and a blue and very peaceful haze just floated about the trees.

After Lunch time I hope the mist will lift ….. ?

Monday Trees at Coolagh 003

Monday Trees at Coolagh 004

Monday Trees at Coolagh 002

Morning meditations, in a foggy kilkenny landscape

Fog on the farm
Nikon D200, 50mm f1.4 lens, iso 1600
Fog over a Kilkenny Farm
Kilkenny Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Morning meditation

I find nothing to fill the emptiness,
Of a very cold grey moment
In the endless time of my waking up attempts,
When feeling is painful and the morning is fogged,
Time comes and goes as I try to understand,
Understanding becomes big, huge as a true thing can be,
Truth is relative they say,
Points of view and ways to see,
Interacting is so self defined,
Perceptions float when empty seems deathlike,
Silence in and out is not necessarily peace,
Nothing is rational in a sleepy fogged mind,
But the sun has no fault for this,
I decide to get up from my warm bed,
In a fogged, cold, grey and empty morning,
Carry on my sleepy, fogged mind,
With the conviction this certainly is a different day.

By : Mirela Kapaj