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Archive for April 30, 2013

Tramore Beach

Tramore Beach county waterford
Nikon D200, 35mm focal length f2.8 lens, Iso 800
Tramore Beach,
County Waterford

Word list and play:

People, beach, sand, sounds, waves, cars, chips, cans, parking, fun, dogs, running, holes, digging, walking, sitting, looking, sleeping, parents, kids, couples, crying, kicking, ball, boats, boards, paper, bags….

Feel free to add more !

Little Red Tractor

David Brown 990
Nikon d200, nikon 50mm f1.4 lens
The little red David brown
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

So we came across this little red tractor on a long days walk in the Lake District National Park sometime back, it was just sitting out side a farmhouse that had also been converted into a tea shop. We had to stop and take in some food and the views along with this little Red Tractor..

Lake district taking in the view

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

The Hurley Maker at work:

What is Hurling : wikipedia

Kilkenny hurling team : Kilkenny hurling

Hurley Maker 001

Hurley Maker 002

Hurley Maker 003

Hurley Maker 004

Hurley Maker 005