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Archive for April 9, 2013

Hampton Court

A day with Black and white film.

Hampton court 02

Nikon FM2n, Ilford’s HP5
Nigel Borrington

Some years ago myself and my brother and a friend Neil, headed to Hampton court to do some photography. It was the first time I had loaded Black and white film into my Nikon FM2 camera in a location like this so full of colour from the June flowers on display.

However Neil owned his own black and white dark room so Ilford’s HP5 it was. We spent about four hours at Hampton Court and then some hours processing the film making some prints and drinking a lot from what I can remember.

Hampton court 04

The images here are some of the results, I cannot find anything else. The prints are long gone so I have scanned any negatives I can find.

I am more than happy with these images and it’s very interesting to look back and think about what I felt made a good image way back then.

Hampton court 03

Hampton court 01

Hampton court 05

Hampton court 06

Hampton court 07

Nikon FM2n, Ilford’s HP5
Nigel Borrington

Spring rabbit

rosskerrig Bunny

Nikon D7000, 70-300 vr lens

Last Year I posted this image Spring Rabbit, well they are back in the same field and looking as fruitful as ever. Although this little one looks like something almost had him for dinner. Notice the bite out of his ear….

View from the window

View from the window

Fuji X100
Irish landscape photography, Nigel Borrington
Glenbeg,Youghal, Co Cork

If you took-up my offer of a seat over the last weekend then this is the view from the window..

View from the window full beach

Fuji X100
Irish landscape photography, Nigel Borrington
Glenbeg,Youghal, Co Cork

Glenbeg is a small cove just east of Youghal on the south coast of Ireland and Its a special little place that I hope to return to this year for some more picture….