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Archive for April 24, 2013

Lough Leane killarney

Looking at the sunset at Killarney

Looking at the setting sun….

These images of the setting sun over Tornies south and Purple mountain, Killarney National park, were taken two years ago on a week’s visit to Killarney.

I arrived about half an hour before the sun was due to set and placed my camera on its tripod. I was attempting to capture every possible moment of the sun as it set behind the mountains on the other side of (Lough Leane) – lower lake.

What I feel I captured is a set of the best sunset images I have ever managed to photograph, the light that evening was just magical as you can see from the images. They contain every possible combination of yellows, blues and purples you can imagine, along with deep dark tones.

I learnt a lot from this 45mins with my camera, but the biggest thing was to keep the shutter going and never think you have the best moment already on your film or card.

When you get the images onto your pc screen or print’s every frame will surprise you….

Looking at the sunset  lower lake Killarney

Lower Lake, Killarney
Nikon D200
Landscape photography by : Nigel Borrington