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Agfa isolette

Talking of Cameras and Camera reviews….

This little Agfa Isolette was my fathers camera and as you can imagine it is very special to me, I would love to take some images with it again so at some point I will post a Gallery.

Agfa isolette

For now here is one shot taken in the lake district with Breda doing some map reading on the right..

No exposure meter and no auto focus – just pure guess work, I also developed the film myself and it produced an image – Few!

agfa still working

Thank you

Thank you

I just got a message from wordpress, to tell me that since I started this blog again about two months ago I have received over 1164 likes and 155 followers.

So I wanted to say thank you!!


Fujifilm X100

Fuji x100

Fujifilm X100

A morning run out – Clonea strand, Co Waterford

Fuji X100 review, it’s coming soon.

My love of this little camera continues and I am working on a full review relating to my feelings of it from a photographers point of view. Its one of the most usable cameras I have ever owned.

I will post more very soon!


The happy couple

A wedding at coolagh

I just wanted to share an image from a wedding I recently worked on and then delivered the album to the happy couple!

Thank you again, you two for being a pleasure to work with!


The Poppy

June I cannot want for you and your poppy fields!

The poppy in history 3

The Red Poppy

The great thing is not having a mind.
Feelings: oh, I have those; they govern me.
I have a lord in heaven called the sun, and open for him,
showing him the fire of my own heart,
fire like his presence.
What could such glory be if not a heart?
Oh my brothers and sisters,
were you like me once, long ago,
before you were human?
Did you permit yourselves to open once,
who would never open again?
Because in truth I am speaking now the way you do.
I speak because I am shattered.

by Louise Glück

The poppy in history

– See more at:

The flower’s connection with death has been known for countless centuries. The twin Greek deities Hypnos and Thanatos, were illustrated wearing crowns of poppies and the flowers were considered suitable offerings for the dead in both ancient Greece and Rome.

In other parts of the world, poppies have happier associations, In China, it is believed to be lucky to smell the scent of the flower three times a day and in Turkey, they symbolise the promise of health and peace.

Magical properties have also been attributed to the flower. In ‘A Mid Summer’s Night Dream’, Shakespeare writes ” The juice of it on sleeping eyelids laid will make a man or woman madly dote upon the next live creature that it sees”. Peering into the black centre was a traditional folk remedy for insomnia.

Whilst opium is derived from only one of the hundreds of different varieties of poppy, many poppies have sedative effects on those who consume them and poppies are sometimes inscribed on gravestones to symbolise eternal rest. In the popular film, The Wizard of Oz, a poppy field was depicted as dangerous as it caused all those who passed through it to fall asleep forever. Such are the properties of this plant that foods rich in culinary poppy seeds can even result in the failing of an opiate drug test and the sale of poppy seeds is banned in several countries.

The poppy in history 2