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My Morning thoughts on Molly

Molly 20112015_4

Molly on a walk around the base of Slievenamon on the 20/11/2015

As many friends here know over the last three years I have been using my blog pages to share my Landscape photos, I am not sure if people realize that these posts were always more about shared walks for me and Molly our female golden retriever, deep into the Irish landscape and then using photos to recording these adventures , she was not always in every post or in all the landscape photos but she was always there alongside me.

This leaves a great legacy to Molly who sadly died peacefully last weekend, she was there with me for well over 1000 blog posts going back many years , this is however going to make the next few weeks and months so very hard in many ways, when returning to these places without her and I am a lot worried that as such my life has changed so much overnight.

I had a feeling after my last post yesterday that it could be taken as a goodbye to Molly but that could never be because she was with me for 12 years everyday and as such a goodbye would be simply impossible anyway!!!.

I see these moments and days into the future much more as a transition for her and me – YES!!! its a huge one but it was always going to be !!!.

She will always be with me and I can and have to find a way of embracing that !!!!

I have to grasp what has happened because I have to keep doing all the things we did together, the walks and all the visits to so many if not all the locations that I love around me, just like she did !!!

At the moment I am finding it almost impossible to go to any of these places, so I am house bound, I know sooner rather than later I have to get out and walking again otherwise my entire life has change to much!!

I found this great web page last night on these exact feeling I am having,

Coping with Pet Loss

“Given the intense bond most of us share with our animals, it’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a pet dies. While some people may not understand the depth of feeling you had for your pet, you should never feel guilty or ashamed about grieving for an animal friend. Instead, use these healthy ways to cope with the loss, comfort yourself and others, and begin the process” More….

and gave it a good read, its very good as are so many pages of this topic 🙂

The experience of molly’s death at the weekend was peaceful for her but traumatic to be very honest for us, we were fully involved with her life right to the very last second of it and I am so pleased with this being the case, but OMG it’s hard in these days and hours since then !!!

The picture above was taken only on the 20/11/2015 and as you can see she was very healthy, slower with her age but for her age she was very good.

I do have that fact to hold on to.

I want to share these thoughts here because like I say Molly always had a massive place here over the years and she still does, its going to be very hard to work-out how to deal with her involvement into the future, I do however feel that she has one as I could not step out of the door at the moment with my camera, without feeling she is still here with me !!!

I love the Irish landscape so much though , so this blog does not stop here !!!!!!

A post just For you MOLLY !!!!

A walk along the beach , Images and a Poem

A beach walk at tramore
A walk along the beach at Tramore, County Waterford
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

A walk along the beach at Tramore

The sight of sunlight shining on the water just dazzling,
The sound of waves breaking delicately on the sand,
The feeling of the suns warming my skin,
The cool wetness of the sand between my toes.

Fellow dog walkers passing by,
Saying hello and talking for a while,
Their dogs swim and bring back sticks,
The marks they level in the sand,
Smoothed again by the waves.

A beach walk at tramor waterford.

The fresh breeze moving through me,
Slipping across the water a sea bird gliding silently,
The salty sea air carrying her to deeper waters.

Above me seagulls friends swirl singing their daily song,
Before diving down into the sea to snatch a fish.

The breeze and warming sun feeding my soul,
The enchanting pleasures of sight and sounds,
I breathe in the wonderful scent of salt water that fills the air,

The intoxicating aroma of wildflowers thick along the dunes,
A feeling of contentment fills every corner of my being,
As I walk along the beach I realise… Life has true beauty…


What Molly found in the Kilkenny Woodlands.

What Molly found in the woods 1
What Molly found in the Kilkenny woodlands
Irish landscape and nature photography : Nigel Borrington

Molly is our ten year old Golden Retriever and she just love getting her daily walk in and around the woodlands and rivers of county Kilkenny.

This series of images are from just some of the things that she helps to find for me to capture with my Camera in a walk a couple of days back.

Fallen Oak Leafs and Acorns

What Molly found in the woods 2

What Molly found in the woods 3

What Molly found in the woods 4

The smell of Hazel trees and nuts

What Molly found in the woods 5

What Molly found in the woods 6

What Molly found in the woods 7

Over here I think there are some Blue berries

What Molly found in the woods 8

What Molly found in the woods 9

What Molly found in the woods 10

Molly and Me – A new photo series

Molly an me 1
Molly our Golden Retriever
Irish photography by : Nigel Borrington

Molly and Me

While out walking Molly, Our 10 year old Golden Retriever yesterday, I noticed – not for the first time how good she is at finding great subjects to take Images of. I very often notice something she is very interested in and find that it’s a perfect subject for an image.

So I was thinking and then decided that from today and during the winter Months, into the future, I am going to create a new photo series call molly and me.

I want to capture just what plant life and locations interest her when she is out on a walk and capture these objects and moments

I have a good friend that I have got to know in Australia, Anne Casey and her dog Monty, please go and check out her blog she does this kind of story telling very well. Her Blog is just perfect and to myself is what blogging is all about.

Molly and Me : A Gallery

Molly an me 2

Molly an me 1

Molly an me 3

Molly an me 4

A morning walk for Molly

A morning walk for molly 2

I love this time of year, we get up early and go for a walk in the woods….

Irish Landscape photography 6

The paths have turned so green and full of life…..

Irish nature photography 2

The Hawthorn flowers are all out and looking their best…

A morning walk for molly 1

Its so warm already, I have to go slower than in the winter. This gives me time however to look at so much….

Irish Landscape photography 5

The clover

Irish nature photography 1

All the new leafs

Irish nature photography 3

Even the seed heads…

A morning walk for molly 3

Finally a slow walk up the hill…

Irish Landscape photography 3

I was 10 last weekend, so I really enjoy a sit down and a long look at the view.

Thank you for sharing my morning with me.

Say hello, Ruby

Say hello ruby

This is Ruby by brothers two year old Labradoodle, who I just got time to meet and walk with last week.

I just wanted you to meet her and say hello, we walked along the grand union canal near harefield in the uk.

I will post more about this walk soon, hope to get to spend more time with her, my brother and Ken very soon!!