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Mountain bluebells, Poem by Avetis Isahakian

Mountain bluebells, Poem by Avetis Isahakian
Armenian Legends and Poems [1916]

Mountain bluebells, weep with me,
And flowers in coloured crowds;
Weep, nightingale, on yonder tree,
Cool winds dropped from the clouds.

All dark around the earth and sky,
All lonely here I mourn.
My love is gone,–light of my eye;
I sob and weep forlorn.

Alas, no more he cares for me–
He left me unconsoled;
He pierced my heart, then cruelly
Left me in pain untold.

Ye mountain bluebells, weep with me,
And flowers in coloured crowds;
Weep, nightingale, on yonder tree,–
Cool winds dropped from the clouds.

Wild Woodbine, a Poem by – Joan McBreen


Wild Woodbine

Joan McBreen

Wild woodbine was beyond my reach
in the thick hedges round Lough Gill.
The heavy scent filled the house for days
when my father brought it in
and it stayed fresh far longer
then meadowsweet.

Wild Woodbine_1

Because I loved the delicate
pink and white wild rose
he picked it too, cursing the thorns, muttering
“it dies too soon,
you’d be better leaving it alone”.

Wild Woodbine_2

Yet once, when my mother
swept its petals from the floor
I saw him rescue one
and place it carefully
in the small wallet
where he kept her photograph.

Wild Woodbine_3Wild Woodbine

Connemara , A Poem By : Thomas Horton

Connemara  Irish Landscape images  Nigel Borrington

Irish Landscape images
Nigel Borrington


West of Galway lies a land
Scorched by the chill of northern winds
Where ancient hills stoically contemplate
Their grey reflections in dark, misty lakes

Roiling stormclouds serve as the canvas
For a monochromatic panorama
That lulls the local folk
Into an inescapable monotony
Their lilting language itself
A murmur that recalls the falling rain

Leenane county Mayo

The plodding passage of days
In this dreary, silent landscape
Is a hell all its own
For those accustomed
To urban bustle

But the natives of this grey land
Sing bright céilí songs
Drink their lager by golden firelight
Dance reels and jigs
And tell stories of a time
When giants roamed the hillocks
And heroes sailed the roaring seas
In search of mythic monsters

Leenane county Mayo 4

Descended from hearty stock
Of shepherds and saints
These rustic people still regard
The old ways as new
Discover their future through their past
And are never bored
As long as there’s a tale to be told
A smile to take in
Or a pint to share with a friend

Children of the Gaeltacht
Sing your songs
Remind me once again
Of that night in Ballyconneely
When I was one of you

Number 33 – Mother and foal competition, Iverk show, County Kilkenny

Number 33 - Mother and foal competition, Iverk show, County Kilkenny. Photography : Nigel Borrington

Number 33 – Mother and foal competition, Iverk show, County Kilkenny.
Photography : Nigel Borrington

Number 33 – Entering the mother and foal competition, Iverk show, County Kilkenny

I took these two portraits during the great, Mother and foal competition at the Iverk show, county Kilkenny.

Number 33 at the Iverk show 2

The view from the tower, Inistioge, county Kilkenny

Viewing tower Inistioge 10
Fujifilm x100s, 35mm and 28mm focus lenghts
17th century Viewing tower, Woodstock estate,
Inistioge, county Kilkenny
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Sitting above the River Nore and located on the edge of a hill that looks over the town of Inistioge, county Kilkenny is a 17th Century viewing tower.

The building would have been a family home when built, with its main living and sleeping area and outer rooms. It also has a cattle stable at the front of the building for wintering the family livestock.

The hill down to the river has been forested in modern times but before this would have offered full views of the town and the river Nore as it flows towards New Ross.

If you do visit Woodstock, Kilkenny, this little building is well worth a visit.

Viewing tower Inistioge 1

Viewing tower Inistioge 2

Viewing tower Inistioge 3

Viewing tower Inistioge 4

Viewing tower Inistioge 5

Viewing tower Inistioge 6

Viewing tower Inistioge 7

Viewing tower Inistioge 8

Viewing tower Inistioge 9

Viewing tower Inistioge 10

Where the Rivers Flow

Sigma SD15
Sigma SD15, 15-30mm lens, ISO 50
River Barrow, County Kilkenny
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Where the Rivers Flow

By : Monique Sapla

Have you ever wondered,
Where do the rivers flow
Do they flow forever,
Where does the water go.
Do rivers somewhere finish,
Where does a river start
Do all lead to the ocean,
Or do they break apart.
Someday I’d like to follow,
A river to its end
I’d run to the horizon,
Through fields and around bends.
Have you ever wondered,
Where do the rivers flow
Do they go on forever
Someday I’d like to know

Sir Thomas’s Bridge, Clonmel, County Tipperary

Sir Thomas’s Bridge
Sir Thomas’s Bridge, Clonmel, County Tipperary
Irish landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The river Suir is one of Ireland most loved and visited rivers. It flows through counties Tipperary and Waterford before reaching the Atlantic at Hook -head lighthouse. I have taken a lot of photographs of this river over the years. one of my favourite subject are the old bridges that cross the river, most of them are some hundreds of years old and even though they were designed for horse and cart they still stand strong today and cope very well with modern demands

Sir Thomas’s Bridge is just on the edge of Clonmel in county Tipperary and has been used in many films and advertisements.

The photograph above was taken one early September morning a couple of years ago, the river Suir and the hills above were covered in early morning fog, this just added too the atmosphere. I decided to develop the image in black and white as I felt that this photograph was all about tones and not colour.

Bridge St Callan, Kilkenny


Bridge St Callan, County Kilkenny Nigel Borrington

Bridge Street, Callan, Kilkenny

To me Bridge St, Callan, Kilkenny – as it moves its way across the kings river, is one of the most amazing streets in Kilkenny, So much could be done with this small street, yet it has Remained the same for so long.

Over the Years some people have had a go at bringing the street up-to date, However most have failed leaving their remains behind, i.e. At Least one Ghost Estate and Empty Businesses. However the reason I like Bridge St so much is that again and again It has resisted and returned to its original condition.

Kilkenny Landscape Photography, By Kilkenny Photographer : Nigel Borrington