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Archive for June 7, 2013

A morning walk for Molly

A morning walk for molly 2

I love this time of year, we get up early and go for a walk in the woods….

Irish Landscape photography 6

The paths have turned so green and full of life…..

Irish nature photography 2

The Hawthorn flowers are all out and looking their best…

A morning walk for molly 1

Its so warm already, I have to go slower than in the winter. This gives me time however to look at so much….

Irish Landscape photography 5

The clover

Irish nature photography 1

All the new leafs

Irish nature photography 3

Even the seed heads…

A morning walk for molly 3

Finally a slow walk up the hill…

Irish Landscape photography 3

I was 10 last weekend, so I really enjoy a sit down and a long look at the view.

Thank you for sharing my morning with me.

Surfing at Bunmahon beach, county waterford

Surfing_Waterfords _Bunmahon_beach_4_Panel
Canon G1x
Surfing at Bunmahon beach, county Waterford
photographer : Nigel Borrington

An evenings walk and one of the best evenings during the summer so far, walking along Bunmahon beach we came across these surfers.

I spent sometime photographing them as they had some great fun in the waves, as did ourselves watching them ….