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Archive for June 14, 2013

Red damselfly, on the banks of the river Barrow, co.Kilkenny

red damselfly on the banks of the Barrow 1
Nikon D7000, 85mm Focus length, iso 200
red damselfly resting, Banks of the River Barrow, Co.Kilkenny
Irish nature Photography by : Nigel Borrington

Walking along a river bank at this time of year you should always have your camera with you, all kinds of insects are out and about. Just brushing past the long grasses brings up the Dragon fly and the damselfly, you have to move very slowly to get them but it’s well worth the effort.

I managed to get this shot along with some others, I will post more of them over the next few day or so.

Flowers on the river bank

flowers from the river bank 1
Nikon D7000, 85mm focus length, iso 200
Flowers on the banks of the River Barrow, Co.Kilkenny
Kilkenny photography, Nigel Borrington

I took this image yesterday, while walking along the banks of the river Barrow here in County Kilkenny. There had been a shower just before I got out of the car but the weather and the temperature afterwards was like a head wave for Ireland !