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Ballybunion , a view from the cliff

Ballybunion county kerry 01
Ballybunion, county Kerry
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Ballybunion , county Kerry

Ballybunion in county Kerry is one of Ireland’s most visited sea side locations, it a wonderful little town with a long history of holiday makers visiting here.

It has one very interesting feature that relates to its beach’s, there are two commonly used beaches divided by the reamins of an old castle on the cliff. The beach to the left of the castle (if looking toward the sea) is called the “Men’s Beach”, and the one to the right the “Ladies Beach”, given to the fact that men used to bathe on a separate beach from women and children. Although this practice has not been observed for decades, its amazing to think in this day and age how it even worked or became Normal practice.

Family members having to split-up for a swim.

There is a small cafe, hot seaweed baths and ice cream shop on the women’s beach. The large cliffs to the right of the women’s beach have shallow caves.

The sheer cliffs over the beach have a scenic walking path, featuring a blowhole, views of sea stacks and a multitude of wildlife. The path takes about 20 minutes to walk, and goes round to the “Nun’s Beach”, a beautiful beach with no access these days, it is overlooked by an old convent.

You get an overwhelming feeling of history here from times when traditions and culture was very different than the many visitors today experience.

Ballybunion, is still a place well worth a visit !!


Ballybunion county kerry 02

Ballybunion county kerry 04

Ballybunion county kerry 03

Ballybunion county kerry 01

Ballybunion county kerry 06

Surfing at Bunmahon beach, county waterford

Surfing_Waterfords _Bunmahon_beach_4_Panel
Canon G1x
Surfing at Bunmahon beach, county Waterford
photographer : Nigel Borrington

An evenings walk and one of the best evenings during the summer so far, walking along Bunmahon beach we came across these surfers.

I spent sometime photographing them as they had some great fun in the waves, as did ourselves watching them ….

“Its my weekend so…” : Molly

Mollys weekend 3

You have done the Grass, cleaned the car, washed the windows, weeded the beds, cleaned the house and done that blog thing again.

So can we please, please, please go back here… !

Mollys weekend 4

Mollys weekend 2

Mollys weekend 5

Mollys weekend 1

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