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Archive for May 7, 2013

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny castle at night
Nikon D90, iso 160, 50mm f1.4 lens
The Parade, kilkenny
Landscape photography : nigel Borrington

Matt the Millers Kilkenny

Matt the millers kilkenny
Nikon D90, iso 160, 50mm f1.4 lens
Matt the Millers Pub, kilkenny
Landscape photography : nigel Borrington

For anyone who is thinking of getting a basic slr camera, I think this night-time image of Matt the Millers in Kilkenny shows that you should give the Nikon D90 a good looking at. The D90 is one of Nikon’s longest ever running digital cameras and for good reason, for a starter or even for a Professional ( as a go anywhere, do anything, bottom of the bag camera ) its image quality is simply stunning. I have owned one since they came out and have love it from day one its not my only camera body and is down my list a little, but its one I will continue to use in its right place.

Personally, I go off results not what the Camera snobs say and this camera produces the results every time!

You can get them for around €550, or €350 body only on ebay…..

Saltee’s Great black backed Gull

Great Black backed Gull
Nikon D7000, 50mm f1.4 lens
Great black backed Gull,Saltee Islands, County Wexford
Wildlife photography : Nigel Borrington

OK, lets put a bit of wildlife colour into the day….

I took this image on a visit to the Saltee islands, county wexford. This wonderful Black backed gull was guarding her eggs very well indeed . What I cannot get across in the picture is the noise of the islands, with thousands of these birds both on the ground and in the air it is one of the best wildlife experiences you could dream of having on a spring day.

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Saltees, Gannets 262

Saltees, Gannets 261

Kilkenny photography

castlecomer IR 2
Nikon D90 with IR720 Infra-red filter on a 50mm f1.4 lens
Castlecomer discovery park, County Kilkenny
Landscape photography: Nigel Borrington

Another Infra-red image from the Discovery park, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny.

Deep dark water, infra-red photography

castlecomer IR 1

Nikon D90 with IR720 Infra-red filter on a 50mm f1.4 lens
Castlecomer discovery park, County Kilkenny
Landscape photography: Nigel Borrington

One reason I truly love monochrome images is for the contrast range that can be achieved, no where is this more possible than when attaching an IR720 filter on to a lens.

This filter only lets in Infra-red light and excludes any other light wavelength, Thus anything that is emitting IR light will be recorded in light tones and any other area of the image will appear dark a deep, deep black.

It is this very high contrast that is so hard to achieve in photography, without post processing software. Using an IR720 filter however can produce this effect in images right out of the camera and they just look wonderful.

You do have some issues to over come however, you need to pre-focus and lock the focus before attaching the filter to the lens. You need long exposures and you need to experiment with the correct selection of setting for this by taking many shots as you will not truly be able to see the results until you get home.

You can get a camera completely converted to Infra-red, but this is expensive and may not always work i.e. the focusing system fails to work and some sensors produce better results than others.