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The Steppes Bar, Monday morning in Callan

The Steppes Callan
Fujifilm X100
The Steppes bar, Callan County Kilkenny
Irish Photography : Nigel Borrington

Nineteen bear barrels for collection, 6am Monday morning and the weekend is clearly over!

Matt the Millers Kilkenny

Matt the millers kilkenny
Nikon D90, iso 160, 50mm f1.4 lens
Matt the Millers Pub, kilkenny
Landscape photography : nigel Borrington

For anyone who is thinking of getting a basic slr camera, I think this night-time image of Matt the Millers in Kilkenny shows that you should give the Nikon D90 a good looking at. The D90 is one of Nikon’s longest ever running digital cameras and for good reason, for a starter or even for a Professional ( as a go anywhere, do anything, bottom of the bag camera ) its image quality is simply stunning. I have owned one since they came out and have love it from day one its not my only camera body and is down my list a little, but its one I will continue to use in its right place.

Personally, I go off results not what the Camera snobs say and this camera produces the results every time!

You can get them for around €550, or €350 body only on ebay…..