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Sunset over Rome

Roman sunset 4
All Images using a Nikon D90, 18-200mm vr2 lens, iso 600

A Roman sunset

These images where taken on the last evening of a trip to Rome two years ago, its was one of the best city holidays I have ever been on and the last days weather was just amazing. My brother had already left on a train from Rome’s Termini train Station and my own bus to the airport was only about an hour away but the sunset was just wonderful so of I went in a mad rush to get some images and here they are.

They cost me €80 to get, as this was the cost of the taxi, by the time I got to the bus – well I only got a view of the back of it as it speeded away minus myself.

Sunset over Rome – a Gallery

Roman sunset 1

Roman sunset 2

Roman sunset 3

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny castle at night
Nikon D90, iso 160, 50mm f1.4 lens
The Parade, kilkenny
Landscape photography : nigel Borrington

Matt the Millers Kilkenny

Matt the millers kilkenny
Nikon D90, iso 160, 50mm f1.4 lens
Matt the Millers Pub, kilkenny
Landscape photography : nigel Borrington

For anyone who is thinking of getting a basic slr camera, I think this night-time image of Matt the Millers in Kilkenny shows that you should give the Nikon D90 a good looking at. The D90 is one of Nikon’s longest ever running digital cameras and for good reason, for a starter or even for a Professional ( as a go anywhere, do anything, bottom of the bag camera ) its image quality is simply stunning. I have owned one since they came out and have love it from day one its not my only camera body and is down my list a little, but its one I will continue to use in its right place.

Personally, I go off results not what the Camera snobs say and this camera produces the results every time!

You can get them for around €550, or €350 body only on ebay…..