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And life is like this?

life is like this
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm vr lens
Nigel Borrington

One morning two years ago I was out walking Molly on the beach at Oysterhaven, county Cork, when I noticed this Woman learning to windsurf, time and time again she went through this cycle – on the board off the board. Up again time and time again. I remember telling myself there you have it, that’s it that’s life, we don’t belong on the board do we. Naturally we belong off the board but its our job to keep getting back on!

So a poem

Getting back up

Life is a bright, long star boulevard,
Where you get good, when you work hard.

But Life is not a fantasy,
or just a love that’s shared between thee’
It’s a battlefield of broken goals,
A purple sky with empty souls.
The city streets with littered trash,
the wild fire left with ash.

Falling, hurting,
crying, blurting,
fearing, slipping,
failing, tripping.
Lies from fakers,
burning heart breakers.
Those knocking you down,
smiling when you frown.

But others tell you keep on going,
you try so hard though your steps are slowing.
You can’t see the future or get a head start,
So getting back up is the hardest part.

I think life is a learning experience, sometimes we fail and sometimes we fall off. I think we will be measured by our ability to both recognise this fact and then to see the process of climbing back on as just part of the fun!


Creating your own ipad or windows Backdrop

Frozen world 3

The Sea

For anyone who knows me by now you will have noticed that I love getting creative with almost anything that can produce an image from scanners to pin hole, film to digital. I also love to spend as much time as possible at a beach over the weekend.

One weekend while sitting on a beach watching molly swim and the waves roll in, I was looking a the pebbles and the colours that the water created on them. I have tried many times to bring some home but by the time they are dry the colours have faded so much you wonder why you bothers with them.

Well an idea came to me, this being to put them in water and freeze them then using a flash gun on the other side of the block of Ice to back light the ice and pebbles see if I could record the colours for good.

I am very happy with the result and think these images make for a wonderful Windows or Ipad backdrop, have a go! you could freeze almost anything and as its spring why not flower or leafs etc…

Frozen world 2

Frozen world 1

Photography challenge : Motion

Molly in motion:

All images with a Nikon d7000, 50mm f1.4 lens

Panning the camera with a slow shutter speed, try it its great fun!

I love the combination of the movement and the in focus and sharp water spray as she moves, click on the images for the full effect of this…..

Molly in Motion 1

Molly in Motion 2

Molly in Motion 3

Real world, wedding photography …..

Real local kilkenny wedding days….

Yesterday afternoon in between working on some photography archiving work and starting to help with another blog, I also looked at the update of my photography business web site.

Wedding Photography By Nigel Borrington

During this process I am looking through all of my wedding portfolio and just wanted to share some with you!

A real Kilkenny wedding coolagh

Just as a quick note, I would like to say that all these images are from very happy wedding customers and taken on their wedding day. I know that could sound an odd statement but so many photographers display images from training events and model bridal shoots as if they are actual wedding days and I feel the difference is massive!

A real Kilkenny wedding couple

A Real Kilkenny wedding

Wedding Photography By Nigel Borrington