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Archive for May 22, 2013

Irish clean water standards – ( EPA 2012 )

Water droplets

In May 2012 I received a call from the Irish EPA in Cork, they were looking for some images in order to help finish the publication of some brochures, before the launch of new European clean water standards.

In the end I got both the front cover and many of the internal images, these are just some of the work submitted, this project was a great chance to publish some of my landscape photography.

I also completed the design of the from cover as below….

Epa clean water standards

Troc Waterfall Killarney nation park 2

Coolagh old church, county kilkenny

Coolagh old church county kilkenny
Nikon D200, 35mm focus length, iso 200
The old church at coolagh
Kilkenny photographer : nigel borrington

When we first came to live in Kilkenny back in 2003, we lived right next to these old church ruins at coolagh county kilkenny. Early each morning I would walk our then 6 month old golden retriever puppy, molly into the fields and up-to this spring below the tree.

These old church remains date back from around (1171-72) being constructed by the Anglo-Normans. The old church on coolaghmore hill, was replaced with a new church in about 1880. These old remains of the original church have stood unused ever since.

The wonderful Kilkenny landscape.

River Nore Kilkenny

River Nore kilkenny
Nikon D700, 50mm f1.4 lens, iso 400
River Nore, County Kilkenny
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The river Nore, as it flows through Thomastown, county Kilkenny ….