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Visiting the Saltee Islands spring 2014

saltees islands 001
Saltees Islands In Spring
Wildlife and Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

This Spring I am planning another visit to the The Saltees Islands, St. George’s Channel. The Islands consist of the Great and Little Saltee, they are situated approximately 5 kilometers off the coast of Kilmore Quay Co.Wexford.

The larger island Great Saltee is the most famous bird sanctuary in Ireland and is very popular with both day-trippers and birdwatchers alike. These Islands are privately owned and are one of the world’s major bird sanctuaries.

It’s a wonderful visit to make if your into wildlife and Photography or just a wonderful place to spend the day.

The below images were taken last spring.

Saltee Island Gallery

saltees islands 002

saltees islands 007

saltees islands 003

saltees islands 004

saltees islands 005

saltees islands 006

Its the weekend so…..

It the weekend so find an island and photo the view
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm vr2 lens, iso 100
Saltee Islands, County wexford
Irish Landscape Photogrpahy : Nigel Borrington

Its the weekend so why not do something like find an island and take some pictures, sit down and draw the landscape or just take in the view and empty your mind.

It the weekend so find an island with a view
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm vr2 lens, iso 100
Saltee Islands, County wexford
Irish Landscape Photogrpahy : Nigel Borrington

Saltee’s Great black backed Gull

Great Black backed Gull
Nikon D7000, 50mm f1.4 lens
Great black backed Gull,Saltee Islands, County Wexford
Wildlife photography : Nigel Borrington

OK, lets put a bit of wildlife colour into the day….

I took this image on a visit to the Saltee islands, county wexford. This wonderful Black backed gull was guarding her eggs very well indeed . What I cannot get across in the picture is the noise of the islands, with thousands of these birds both on the ground and in the air it is one of the best wildlife experiences you could dream of having on a spring day.

Find an island

Saltees, Gannets 262

Saltees, Gannets 261

Great Black backed Gull


The photograph in my last post is of the Saltee Islands, County wexford. You can only visit the island via boat and mostly with a wildlife group or on days when the boat is booked with a good amount of people. The island is a wildlife paradise and a photographers dream, you can find almost any position on the cliff tops to setup your camera and the birds will just come to you. However moving to find the type or group of bird is advisable.

The Saltee Islands has over 220 species of birds, these included images are of the Great black backed Gull.

Great Black backed Gulls are the lords of the seabird colonies. They choose the highest vantage points to build their nests. The adults are unmistakable because of their size, jet black wings and mantle, measuring two and a half feet with a five foot wingspan. The massive bill is yellow with an orange spot on the lower mandible. If an intruder approaches the parents call anxiously and the young birds “freeze” in the dense cover and are hard to locate. The parents also will also make low swoops at the intruders head, however they seldom strike. Great Black backed Gulls breed on the island, and are in abundance all year.”

You can only stay on the island for a day as you have to leave on the last boat, this is to protect the environment of the island as birds nest on almost a hundred percent of the ground area and no camping would be possible.

I got some three hundred usable images from this day so will keep posting images along with some information on the wildlife involved….



Its the weekend

Find an island
Fuji X100
The Saltee Islands, St. George’s Channel
County Wexford,
Landscape photography:Nigel Borrington

Its the weekend so if you can find a place with a view and lose your self in it!!