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A walk along the beach , Images and a Poem

A beach walk at tramore
A walk along the beach at Tramore, County Waterford
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

A walk along the beach at Tramore

The sight of sunlight shining on the water just dazzling,
The sound of waves breaking delicately on the sand,
The feeling of the suns warming my skin,
The cool wetness of the sand between my toes.

Fellow dog walkers passing by,
Saying hello and talking for a while,
Their dogs swim and bring back sticks,
The marks they level in the sand,
Smoothed again by the waves.

A beach walk at tramor waterford.

The fresh breeze moving through me,
Slipping across the water a sea bird gliding silently,
The salty sea air carrying her to deeper waters.

Above me seagulls friends swirl singing their daily song,
Before diving down into the sea to snatch a fish.

The breeze and warming sun feeding my soul,
The enchanting pleasures of sight and sounds,
I breathe in the wonderful scent of salt water that fills the air,

The intoxicating aroma of wildflowers thick along the dunes,
A feeling of contentment fills every corner of my being,
As I walk along the beach I realise… Life has true beauty…