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A Poem : look up at the sky, By : Raj Arumugam

Look up at the sky 3
The sky above Slievenamon, county Tipperary
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

look up at the sky

Oh, do look up at the sky.

look up at the sky that stretches in all directions and wherever one may turn
look up at the sky all above and that falls beyond the end of the visible earth
look up at the sky that stretches beyond one’s vision and look beyond the sky into limitless space

See, time and care and the narrowness of one’s conditioning confine one and bends one’s mind – as one’s back is bent, and one’s neck is loaded down; and one’s eyes are fixed to the spotlight-defined meters as one stands one’s ground…Oh, but just look up at the sky

Look up at the sky 1

Look up at the sky in the day and see its deep blue
look up at the sky and see the clouds and the sun,
the brilliance and the lack of limits and confines
look up at the sky in the morning and see the sun rise,
behold its wonder and its colors

look up at the sky at twilight and look at it at night
with the moon and the stars and the infinite space that stretches beyond

Look up at the sky 2

look up at the sky and behold its wonders and splendour and its power
look up at the sky and the space beyond and behold its brilliance and limitlessness.

Oh, look up at the sky and the space beyond – and behold the limitlessness of the mind
behold there the infinite stretch of your mind,

behold the skies and space, and behold the power and glory and the unconfined,
unconditioned freedom and brilliance of your mind and your being,
of the unconfined mind and of unconditioned being…

Ross Castle, Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, Ireland

killarney castle 6
Ross Castle, Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Ross Castle sits on the edge of Killarney’s lower lake and was built by O’Donoghue Mór in the 15th century.

This is one of Ireland treasures and a wonderful place to visit, the views of lower lake are just wonderful from the walls here.

History and Myths

Ross Castle (Irish: Caisleán an Rois) is a 15th century tower house and keep on the edge of Lough Leane, in Killarney National Park, County Kerry. It is the ancestral home of the O’Donoghue clan, though it is better known for its association with the Brownes of Killarney who owned the castle until more recently.

The castle is operated by the Irish OPW – Office of Public Works, and is open to the public seasonally with guided tours.

The Castle came into the hands of the Brownes who became the Earls of Kenmare and owned an extensive portion of the lands that are now part of Killarney National Park . Legend has it that members of the O’Donoghue clan still exists in a deep slumber under the waters of Lough Leane.

On the first morning of May every seven years he rises from the lake on his magnificent white horse and circles the lake. Anyone catching a glimpse of him is said to be assured of good fortune for the rest of their lives. The large rock at the entrance to the bay is known as O’Donoghue’s prison. Ross Castle was the last stronghold in Munster to hold out against Cromwell. It was eventually taken by General Ludlow in 1652.

Ross Castle is open to the public. Details from Ross Castle, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Ross Castle Image Gallery

killarney castle 1

killarney castle 2

killarney castle 3

killarney castle 7

killarney castle 4

killarney castle 5