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Archive for December 16, 2013

Photo restoration

The dogs 4
Restoring the past

During last week I was working on some only Family albums and wanted to share this image of two family dogs taken way back in the 1920’s in America.

The first image is of the photograph in its current condition and the second after I have spend some time restoring it to the best possible condition I can achieve while keeping the image looking very natural for its age.

The dogs

The dogs 4

The fishing boats of Galway bay (Image gallery)

galway fishing boats 1
Fishing boats at Galway bay, county Galway
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The landscape around Galway bay is one of the most beautiful in Ireland , offering long walks along sandy beach’s and scenic fishing bays.

The photographs below are from such a walk I took about two years ago during an Easter holiday in the area.

Fishing boats at Galway bay, Gallery

galway fishing boats 2

galway fishing boats 3

galway fishing boats 4

Fishing boats on galway bay