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The Sea Of Time, Poem by Robert Crawford

Time at the sea 2
Images of the Waterford coast.
Infra-red photography
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The Sea Of Time.

by Robert Crawford

On that strange sea
Where Man’s bark moves as toward eternity,
What sails put forth that are not seen again!
So joyous it may be, or in pain,

The mariner doth drive still on and on
Beneath no mortal star,
And to no mortal port — as one
Who may but anchor somewhere so afar,

Time at the sea 1.

Not himself wrecks if he shall reach no more
In that tremendous sea another shore:
He is so like a wave himself at last,

He would toss through the future as the past —
But tethered as a whale is to a wave,
So he might still the one life have
Through all the changes that may be
On that tremendous sea!