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Far away lake , Poem by: Beckian Fritz Goldberg

A boat to far away hills 1
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Far away lake

By, Beckian Fritz Goldberg

We can’t get there
by road, by rope, by

by time—
though time would be the way

by boat
by please please

A boat to far away hills 2.

time would be the way

then the reed-quiver
a cloud of gnats
mumbling its hypnotic suggestion

by sleep, sleep
until you say
lift my elbow straighten
my legs

And I
straightened you in this life
like flowers

but the little water
there was
went to air
where it came from

And all my love for you
came back—
you couldn’t take it where
you were going

you’d get halfway there
and then you’d drift
arms by your side

like a clock