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5 Images for the week, Thursday

Lock Melfort, after the rain.
Oban – Scotland
Scottish Landscapes
Nigel Borrington

Loch Melfort, Argyll

Loch Melfort _0002
Loch Melfort, Oban, Argyll
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Melfort Village, is located about ten miles south of the fishing port of Oban , Argyll , Scotland, It sits on the banks of an open sea Loch that faces the western Islands of ( Luing, Shuna and Scarbe) all home to golden eagles and red dear.

This is a wonderful location for a holiday as the views from the holiday homes are just wonderful and walking along the coast line and loch side lanes here is just as relaxing and inspiring an experience as you can have. Even in the winter a stay is spectacular , sitting by an open fire in the evenings with the wind blowing in the trees and on the open Waters of the Loch is an experience I will never forget.

The Images below were taken last November on a weeks stay here…..


Loch Melfort _0001

Loch Melfort _0005

Loch Melfort _0003

Loch Melfort _0004

Loch Melfort _0006

A Walk along Lock Melfort 8

Loch Melfort _0002

Loch Melfort _0007

Five go up a hill and come down a mountain

Five go up a hill

Some time back Five of us (Breda, Tess, Andrew his brother Steve along with Myself) all headed from north London to Melfort Village, Argyll, Scotland for the week. At the time I owned a time share week here and the visit to such a wonderful location each March was more than welcome.

One Morning with myself and Steve both being into photography, the others just wanting a good walk we packed the bags and headed up the hills at the back of the Melford estate, the below images I hope do something to document this walk and the resulting Photographs.

I only found these pictures again last week as I am scanning all my old negatives….

5 Go up a hill

Melfort Village argyll

All images taken on a Nikon F90x and on Kodak 200iso colour film as you can see…