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One hour sketch (Pencil on paper), Killamery church yard, county KIlkenny

One hour sketch Killamery church yard county kilkenny
Nigel Borrrington

The old church yard at Killamery county Kilkenny is most famous for its highcross pictured here at the bottom of the post. The old church and grave yard however are just as interesting, the history of the area includes it being the location of a very large monastic site covering what would have been many large building now completely lost in time.

My sketch here I hope helps capture a sense of this wonderful place located on the boarder between county kilkenny and county Tipperary.

Killamery High cross Nov 2014 Kilkenny landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Killamery High cross Nov 2014
Kilkenny landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Sunset in the woods , Images and a Poem

Sunset 3
killamery Woodlands . County Kilkenny
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Yesterday evening I went for a evening walk in Killamery, one of our local woodlands, The Sunset was wonderful and the Sky a deep blue, the moment was charged with atmosphere and I just wanted it to last a little longer than I knew it possibly could.

I took these images to capture the moment and later just put down these words.

Sunset 2.

Sunset in the woods

As the sun falls away over the trees
I am cold like the colours in the sky.
Blue and crazy for the woods around me.

Sunset 1.

Beautifully arranged trees and painfully separated.
I follow down this woodland path.
Hoping that the Sun will stay on the Horizon.
Just giving me one more moment to be lost.

Sunset 4

Slievenamon From the Killemary High Cross

Slievenamon from Killamery high Cross

View of Slievenamon from Killamery high Cross

Putting my post on the Killamery High cross in its context, this is the view of slievenamon from the Killamery Church yard.

Kilkenny photography series, by Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington.

Just as a foot note, this shot was taken on mid-summers day 2011 not the 4th of March!

The Killamery High Cross.

Killamery Highcross

Killamery Highcross, Killamery Co.Kilkenny

An Infra-red photograph of the Kilamery grave yard,High cross and old church.
21st June 2011.

Killamery – High Cross

“Situated in an old graveyard in Kilkenny is the High Cross of Killamery one of the western Ossory group of crosses. The cross stands at 3.65 metres high and the west face of the cross bears most of the figure sculpture. The east face pictured right, is decorated with three marigolds on the shaft and has a boss in the centre of the head surrounded by intertwining serpents with an open mouthed dragon above the boss. The cross is known as the Snake-Dragon cross. The cross has a gabled cap-stone and the narrow sides have double mouldings. At the end of the southern arm of the cross there is a panel depicting Noah in the Ark and the end of the northern arm features four scenes centered around John the Baptist. There is also a worn inscription on the base of the western side of the cross which is said to read as ‘OR DO MAELSECHNAILL’ a prayer for Maelsechnaill. Maelsechnaill was the High King of Ireland from 846 to 862.”

The symbol that I find most interesting is that of the sun at the centre of the cross “The sun of God” or the “Sun of the Zodiac”. This sun symbol has five or six arms rotating from its centre, age has made it hard to tell. Five reach the outer edge of the suns circle, the big question though is its placement at the centre of the cross.

I will return after more reading.

Killamery High cross

Kilkenny landscape photography series, by Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington