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Found things : Two bikes in the old farm shed …..

County Kilkenny by cycle, Taking the high road to the Slieveardagh hills ….

County Kilkenny by cycle

This weekend on Saturday morning, 12th May 2018 and I achieved one of my cycling aims for 2018, cycling all the way up to what well could be the highest road (at some 333 meters) in county Kilkenny, in the Slieveardagh hills at Blanchfields bog, with its wind farm of Ballybay.

There are some stunning views of county Kilkenny and Tipperary from here and on Saturday the weather was perfect, It was just a great feeling after some weeks of lower level cycling, to get ready.

Monday Poetry : Bicycle Beats By Christian Reid Oct 2014

Christian Reid Oct 2014
Bicycle Beats

Axels and chains and
Feet and brains
It’s the bicycle beats
And the trees and the streets
Join the lines in the sidewalk
As I ride and I talk
To myself,
“Breathe in,” &
“Breathe out,” —
Burning and churning to the
Grooves and the cracks
Red light’s the only chance to relax
Racing the bus and flashing a grin
To the sorry folks trapping themselves therein
Ecstasy building with each revolution
Wiping my sweat away, tasting pollution
Grinding and winding a path on my bike
Where cars and pedestrians hate me alike

Monday Poetry : Three Poems about A Bicycle …

Bicycle Poetry Nigel Borrington 03
Jackie Wilson


my bicycle
moves over
a clean slate
of white-snowed sidewalk,
its studded tires
sculpting a piece
of modern art
out of winter
for the city.

Bicycle Poetry Nigel Borrington 02

DJ Thomas

Bicycles and Poetry in Lisbon

Cycle chic fashion
Our slow bicycle movement
Poetry in bike lanes
Sartorialist’s on two wheels
reclaiming this cities

Bicycle Nigel Borrington

Nigel Borrington

Ellen Piper

Wilson Rd.

The bicycles were a forged parent-permission slip
But well-forged.
I lifted myself over the tear in the truck’s seat cover, not sliding
Not perforating further for today.

The road was short, short enough to have ridden the bicycles from first start to real start.
But that would not have been exotic
Connection is exotic, and channels must be followed through an antfarm
Proper etiquette must be observed with touch-me-nots

The bicycles were easier to lift from the bed with two
I gave him that, passing a front end, and jammed the wheelspokes with a jabbed finger
So that the damp spinning would not flick his face with groundwater
I expected it to hurt. My expectation tapped lightly.

That narrow pock-marked blacktop was my windtunnel
The air stroked its thumbs over my eyelids and I ached to push, breathe, push further
He held me back with his slow handlebars,
His slow kickstand clicking.

Pedaling slowly is more difficult than flying.
One finds gladness in choosing leaves to crunch with an inch-wide tire
And high-fiving low-hanging branches is socially satisfying.
He smiles behind the white mustache, and I don’t mind.

An Post Rás 2016 , National Irish cycle race

AnPost National Cycle Race 2016 Stage 7, Saturday May 28: Dungarvan to Baltinglass, 155 km Nigel Borrington

AnPost National Cycle Race 2016
Stage 7, Saturday May 28: Dungarvan to Baltinglass, 155 km
Nigel Borrington

During the past week (22nd – 29th May 2016), The annual An-Post cycle race took place.

The race covers 1,235 kilometres over eight stages with 25 categorised climbs, including three category one climbs, Conor Pass, Ballaghisheen Pass and Mount Leinster.

Race Details

Stage 1, Sunday May 22: Dublin Castle to Multyfarnham, 144.6 km
Stage 2, Monday May 23: Mullingar to Charleville, 183.7 km
Stage 3, Tuesday May 24: Charleville to Dingle, 133.2 km
Stage 4, Wednesday May 25: Dingle to Sneem, 162.8 km
Stage 5, Thursday May 26: Sneem to Clonakilty, 148.3 km
Stage 6, Friday May 27: Clonakilty to Dungarvan, 159.1 km
Stage 7, Saturday May 28: Dungarvan to Baltinglass, 155 km
Stage 8, Sunday May 29: Kildare to Skerries, 148.4 km

The race was great fun to follow and great fun to go and take some pictures of, you get a great close up feeing when watching a race like this one.

Clemens Fankhauser in the end became the first rider since Chris Newton in 2003 and 2005 to be crowned a two-time winner of An Post Rás. The Austria Tirol Cycling rider put on a classy display on the final stage into a crowd thronged Skerries to finish in the main bunch, maintaining his lead on the General Classification (GC) and lifting the trophy for the second time in three years.

Race Gallery

AnPost National Cycle Race 2016 Nigel Borrington 01

AnPost National Cycle Race 2016 Nigel Borrington 02

AnPost National Cycle Race 2016 Nigel Borrington 03

AnPost National Cycle Race 2016 Nigel Borrington 04

County Kilkenny, Landscapes images from a cycle

County Kilkenny by Cycle 02

Cycling Kilkenny

As the new year began in full, I made the decision to get my cycle back on the road for 2016, I have owned this bike for about 18 years and during that time made some great use of it. Over the last few years however I had been using it less and less, so I guess its time to start some new adventures on it.

I finished getting everything back to a good condition, with a service about two weeks ago and have been taking local trips as often as possible during January.

I feel already that it is great to be out on the open road and its good to be able to just stop where you like and take out the camera to get some images, no need for finding a place to park up and you can stop the moment you see something, anything, you want a picture of.

County Kilkenny by Cycle 04

County Kilkenny by Cycle 06

County Kilkenny by Cycle 03

County Kilkenny by Cycle 01

County Kilkenny by Cycle 05