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Dzogchen Beara, Retreat Centre, Beara Peninsula, West Cork

Dzogchen Retreat center
Dzogchen Retreat center, Beara Peninsula” title=”Dzogchen Beara
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The last time I visited Allihies in West Cork someone Suggested calling into the Dzogchen centre. Its located on the south side of the Beara Peninsula and as you can see, it is located in one of the most peaceful locations in Ireland, I was a great place to produce some landscape images and a fascinating centre to visit.

One day soon I may stay for a little longer?


“Dzogchen Beara is a long-term retreat centre for Rigpa, and is registered as a Charitable Trust in Ireland. Sogyal Rinpoche is the spiritual director of Dzogchen Beara.

The Centre is situated on the wild and beautiful Beara Peninsula in south-west Ireland, and sits high on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with breathtaking views of sea and sky. Many Tibetan masters, and almost everyone who visits, comment on the extraordinary qualities of Dzogchen Beara – its beautiful natural environment and atmosphere of profound peace which comes from deep spiritual practice. We welcome everyone, from all walks of life and of any faith or none, and offer many different ways to visit Dzogchen Beara. ”

Ref: Dzogchen Beara

What grows on the old bridge at Ennisnag.

Growing in the bridge 2
What grows on the bridge at Ennisnag, county Kilkenny
Nature and Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

What grows on the old bridge at Ennisnag.

Early yesterday evening while out Walking molly , our Golden retriever I crossed the old bridge at Ennisnag, county Kilkenny, the foot path goes down along side the kings river, below the bridge and looking up I noticed lots of herbs and plants growing out of the stone work.

The Sun was lighting these plants and they look fantastic with this light behind them.

These plants included (Herb Robert, wild Blackberry and Dandelion)

On the old bridge at Ennisnag, Gallery

Growing in the bridge 4

Growing in the bridge 3

Growing in the bridge 5

Growing in the bridge 6

Growing in the bridge 7

Growing in the bridge 8