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Images without words : The path into the light …….

Irish Landscape Images GarryDuff county Kilkenny
Nigel Borrington

What grows on the old bridge at Ennisnag.

Growing in the bridge 2
What grows on the bridge at Ennisnag, county Kilkenny
Nature and Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

What grows on the old bridge at Ennisnag.

Early yesterday evening while out Walking molly , our Golden retriever I crossed the old bridge at Ennisnag, county Kilkenny, the foot path goes down along side the kings river, below the bridge and looking up I noticed lots of herbs and plants growing out of the stone work.

The Sun was lighting these plants and they look fantastic with this light behind them.

These plants included (Herb Robert, wild Blackberry and Dandelion)

On the old bridge at Ennisnag, Gallery

Growing in the bridge 4

Growing in the bridge 3

Growing in the bridge 5

Growing in the bridge 6

Growing in the bridge 7

Growing in the bridge 8

Changing light as the river flows.

Changing light
Sir Thomas bridge, clonmel, County kilkenny
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

The changing light as the river flows

Walking along the river Suir on a springtime evening with the sun about to set, is a wonderful experience by itself but one of the things I love the most is the changing light. The light changes almost moment by moment and the reflections of the sun from the water is just amazing as you walk past some of the many bridges.

One of the best things about photography however is the ability to capture just how much this light does change, I recently put together this small collection of images and I think they show the way the light changes as the sun sets.

The entire landscape changes from yellows and and olive greens to deep blues and blue – greens.

I personally feel that the type of sun light and the different colours it brings is one of the most powerful tools in the art of photography and taking a little time to record your most loved locations at different times of day and weather conditions is a powerful learning tool for getting strong images and for you to have fun with and enjoy yourself.

The changing light as the river flows, Gallery

Changing light shade

Changing light sun

Changing light of the river bank

Changing light of the river flow

Seeing into the light , By : Diana van den Berg

The Light through the clouds
The Light through the clouds, Suir river valley , Tipperary
Irish landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Seeing the Morning light

By : Diana van den Berg

Dreaming into the light
the spreading awareness
warm light
losing self in the light
finding the harmony of balance
in namaste and ubuntu
and the messages of the clouds
in the light
amongst tall sunpainted autumn grasses
inhaling the unconscious grace
of a giraffe melting into
the late afternoon gold
of light caressing the shadows
and drawing them
into the light
light light…