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On Contemplating a Sheep’s Skull ~ Poem by: John Kinsella

the sheeps skull 1
All images taken in the Nier valley, county waterford
Fujifilm X100
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

On Contemplating a Sheep’s Skull

Poem by John Kinsella

A sheep’s Skull aged so much in rain and heat,
broken jawbone and chipped teeth half-
gnaw soil; zippered fuse-mark tracks
back to front, runs through to base
of neck, widening faultline under
stress: final crack close at hand.

Skull I can’t bring myself to move.

White-out red soil unearthed
from hillside fox den and cat haven,
now hideaway for short-beaked echidna
toppling rocks and stones, disrupting
artfulness a spirit might impose,
frisson at seeing counterpoint.

Skull I can’t bring myself to move.

Sometimes avoid the spot to avoid
looking half-hearted into its sole
remaining eye socket; mentally to join
bones strewn downhill, come apart
or torn from mountings years before
arriving with good intentions.

the sheeps skull 2

Skull I can’t bring myself to move.

Not something you can ‘clean up’,
shape of skull is not a measure of all
it contained: weight of light and dark,
scales of sound, vast and varied taste
of all grass eaten from these hills;
slow and steady gnawing at soil.

Skull I can’t bring myself to move.

Neither herbivore nor carnivore,
earth and sky-eater, fire in its shout
or whisper, racing through to leave a bed
of ash on which the mind might rest,
drinking sun and light and smoke,
choked up with experience.

Skull I can’t bring myself to move.

Drawn to examine
despite aversion, consider
our head on its shoulders,
drawn expression
greeting loved ones
with arms outstretched.

the sheeps skull 3

John Kinsella is Founding editor of the journal Salt in Australia; he serves as international editor at the Kenyon Review. His most recent volume of poetry is Divine Comedy: Journeys through a Regional Geography (W. W. Norton) with a new volume, Disturbed Ground: Jam Tree Gully/Walden, due out with W.W. Norton in November 2011.

Gowran park, a day at the races

A day at the races 7
January 24th races at Gowran park, County Kilkenny
Events photography by : Nigel Borrington

It was a January afternoon at Gowran Park , County Kilkenny. Thursday, January 24th and the meeting was the National Hunt “Goffs Thyestes H’cap Chase Grade A & John Mulhern Memorial Hdle Grade 2”

It was a cold afternoon but the going was good, it’s the fullest I had seen the race course for this event and the bookies must have been rubbing their hands, not from the cold.

I arrived with the aim of photographing as much of the events as possible. I wanted to capture not just the race itself, actually this was the least interesting to me. I wanted to capture events behind the races, the bookies and the show ring. I felt I wanted to get a sense of the day in full, to capture what a race meeting is all about.

I got lots of images of the events and present some of them here, from the show ring to the finishing line, I am only starting this project to be honest and plan to return many times.

The the 14:30 race, Gowran Park, a Gallery

A day at the races 12

A day at the races 11

A day at the races 10

A day at the races 6

A day at the races 9

A day at the races 3

A day at the races 2

A day at the races 7

A day at the races 4

A day at the races 1

A day at the races 8