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Wooden Teepee, Lough Boora, Offaly

Boora parklands teepee 1
Wooden Teepee over a spring, Boora Parklands, County Offaly
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Boora Parklands has many works of art and sculpture and this wooden Teepee is just one, I very much liked its design and the concept behind it from the moment I first came across it.

It is constructed from old oak wood, found in the peat of the bog, the wood is held together with metal ring’s inside. The entire structure feels naturally and locally aged and stands on top of a natural spring that flows with fresh water.

I very much loved the concept of placing a natural structure like this on top of a life giving spring. A standing stone inside the teepee marks the point were the spring water reaches the surface, it may have come from very deep in the ground. Other stones inside act as seat’s and you can go in and sit around the spring just to hear the water flow over stones and flags that have been used to great effect.

Personally, I feel this is a wonderful place, a modern temple to the old gods of the elements and a place to mark the history of man here. A history that goes back some eight thousand five hundred years and maybe beyond.


Boora parklands teepee 3

Boora parklands teepee 4

Boora parklands teepee 5

Boora parklands teepee 6

Boora parklands teepee 7