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Irish landscape Images for the week – (Monday) Irish bog lands.

Connemara National Park Galway 5

During this week, I just wanted to return to some of my most loved Irish Landscape locations and Monday today’s post I want to share some images I have taken since 2014, these relate to the Irish Bog and Peat lands of the Irish Midlands and the West coast.

Ireland has internationally important peat/bog lands but they are always under serious threat. Over the last few years the Irish government has protected areas of special conservation from historic family rights to cut peat in these areas, a decision that created problems for some but one that was very much needed in order to start the process of returning the bog’s to a point of growth and sustainability.

I love these locations, they are remote and full of life both plant and wild life and I feel like many others that they do need very special care and support.

When you visit locations like the Bog of Allen, you can see a contrast between the areas that are still wild and untouched and the areas that have been harvested for peat, when you see this contrast and its different effects on local bio-diversity you would only hope that one day we can find a less damaging way to heat our homes and produce energy.

Irish Bog-lands Gallery

Connemara National Park Galway 4

Connemara National Park Galway 3

Connemara National Park Galway 2

Will I get to see the Bog cotton again 5

Will I get to see the Bog cotton again 1

Will I get to see the Bog cotton again 2

The bog of Allen 2

The bog of Allen 3

The bog of Allen 4

The bog of Allen 5

The bog of Allen 6

The Bog of Allen (Móin Alúine in Irish) , Gallery

The bog of Allen 1
The Bog of Allen (Móin Alúine), County Laois
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

The Bog of Allen

The Bog of Allen is one of my favourite places to visit in Ireland for Walking and Landscape Photography. It covers some 958 square kilometers (370 square miles) stretching into County Offaly, County Meath, County Kildare, County Laois, and County Westmeath.

Although it main function is for Peat production, which is mechanically harvested on a large scale by Bórd na Móna, the government-owned peat production industry.

The bog of Allen is one of the most tranquil areas in the country and of great inter national importance.

This link shows how a raised bog is formed : raised bog formation

The Images below were taken on a recent visit and I feel that they show just how amazing this location is, from the large open sky’s and landscape to the amazing colours produced by Sphagnum moss and its flowers.


The bog of Allen 2

The bog of Allen 3

The bog of Allen 4

The bog of Allen 5

The bog of Allen 6

The bog of Allen 7

The bog of Allen 8

Irish Boglands and Peatlands

Sam Mateer

Back In 2004 I attended an art exhibition held in our local friary hall. The exhibition titled Currents was being shown in many locations in the republic of Ireland and The North of Ireland during that year. I was taken by many of the artists ( I will come back to some of them in future posts) but for me one stood out above the others, this being Sam Mateer and his paintings of the Irish Bog-lands.

Over the last few years I have visited and photographed these areas of the country and aim to continue doing so.

Since the start of the year I have also been considering returning to some landscape painting and drawing, so what better subject areas can you find that these unique and magical places.

The set of images below are just some of the many photographs I have taken in order to start to get to grips of this project.

Irish bog lands 1
Fujifilm X100

Irish bog lands 2
Fujifilm X100

Irish bog lands 3
Fujifilm X100

Irish bog lands 4
Fujifilm X100

Irish bog lands 5
Fujifilm X100

Irish bog lands 6
Fujifilm X100

Irish bog lands 7
Fujifilm X100