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5 Images for the week – Red Sky in the Morning

Coulagh Bay  Eyeries, Beara, Co. Cork, Ireland Nigel Borrington

Coulagh Bay
Eyeries, Beara, Co. Cork, Ireland
Nigel Borrington

7:30am sunrise over Coulagh Bay, Eyeries, Beara, Co. Cork, Ireland – Red Sky in the Morning

Allihies, Beara, Co. Cork, Ireland

A sense of place (Allihies, Beara, Co. Cork, Ireland) in eight images

Allihies town view
View of Allihies town
Nikon D7000
Landscape photography ; Nigel Borrington

Allihiies, Co Cork is one of my favourite places to stay In Ireland, We have spent some time here and I think it’s very likely we will return.

Mountains and setting

Allihies locational view

Allihies beach view

Allihies Mountain view

The town is located at the tip of the Beara peninsular, co cork and is just about as remote a place as you can get. The feeling here is of escape and as such is perfect for a week’s holiday.

The Harbour

Allihies Beach view

Copper Mines

The copper mines are the main feature of the town and the museum makes an excellent visit during the week we spent some time in here as it has a great coffee shop with a view of the harbour.

copper mines allihies mine on the hill

old miners cottage above mine

copper mines allihies pan1

I will re-visit Allihies over the next weeks with more posts as it is just a wonderful place

All Images taken on a Nikon D7000, in September 2010