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Landscape Art works : Ancient Rome, engraved by A. Willmore published 1859–61

Artwork details

Artist : After Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775–1851
Title : Ancient Rome, engraved by A. Willmore
Date : Published 1859–61
Medium : Engraving on paper
Collection : Tate
Acquisition: Transferred from the British Museum 1988

Its a good while since I posted here about some of my most loved artists and art work, I want to start again to share some of my most liked works of art over the next weeks.

River Tiber Rome Nigel Borrington

River Tiber
Nigel Borrington

I last visited Rome in December 2015 and took a few landscape images along the banks of the river Tiber, this river is a great location for photographers and artists alike.

Some years back while I was studying art history, I took a close look at the art work created by many artist who lived in Rome or who had visited this great city and done their best to capture its atmosphere.

Art work such as this great engraving by A. Willmore in the style of J._M._W._Turner, this is a fantastic etching as it captures the river and it location perfectly, live along the river banks.

it is not to hard to imaging this work as a great black and white print in modern terms.

Life along the river bank River Tiber Rome Nigel Borrington

Life along the river bank
River Tiber
Nigel Borrington

Today the river Tiber is still used in many of the same ways as you can see in this drawing, it is now even the home to many people who live in house boats. the banks are today acting as walking routes and cycle paths.

A sense of place : The streets of ancient Rome.

A sense of place, Old Rome. Photography : Nigel Borrington

A sense of place, The old city of Ancient Rome.
Photography : Nigel Borrington

Four images taken during a visit to the old city of Ancient Rome.

I was completely captivated by the old city of Rome, The scale of the temples and city building is just amazing.

As I walked around with a camera I wanted to capture as much as I could of the atmosphere, after I had a good look from the street level I took a higher view as I wanted to capture the many visitors as they themselves discovered this amazing place.

The Roman Empire

The old city of Rome

Old rome 2

Old rome 3

Old rome 4