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Pentax Super A

Pentax Super A
Pentax Super A, a 1983 manual focus camera

Reclaiming found things

Well, well – Hello! I didn’t even know you were still around….

Going through some old box’s of things from the old loft last week I found this camera and it must be one of the first SLR Camera’s I ever owned. Back in 1985, I moved from Altrincham near Manchester to live and work for Chase Manhattan bank as an IBM programmer.

Rayners Lane I Purchased this Pentax Super A from the shop across the road from the flat I rented. You can just about make out the shop in this photograph (Image photography) which by the way is the first frame from the first roll of film I ever used in this Camera.

I don’t remember at which point I didn’t use this Pentax any more, I think it is when I started getting into Nikon Cameras with an FM2n body which I thought was my first SLR film camera.

I just love finding old things and believe me I will use this camera again now its re-found. I am attempting to get some processing chemicals to do a post on black and white negative processing, the shop I was hoping to get it from however let me down so I am having to get it imported from Birmingham in the UK.

Here are some Sample images that I took first time around with this Pentax Super A.

Pentax Super A sample 3

Pentax Super A sample 4

Pentax Super A sample 1

Pre-Wedding Photography

The following three images are from a wedding I photographed last year.

I love these moment before the main wedding events, all the preparations are over, the weeks before have passed by and the day is here. Everyone feels more relaxed as nothing more can be done. Its now down to remembering a few lines and enjoying the events.

Pre Wedding leaving the house

Pre Wedding the brides fater and brothers

Pre Wedding the makup session

All images taken on a nikon d700/7000 slr…..

The happy couple

A wedding at coolagh

I just wanted to share an image from a wedding I recently worked on and then delivered the album to the happy couple!

Thank you again, you two for being a pleasure to work with!


Kilkenny wedding

Set wedding day

The Grooms Brothers

A shot taken at a wedding I photographed in Langton House Hotel, Co Kilkenny

Real world photography

So this photography thing then, what’s it all about?

If someone asks me what my favorite form of photography is and people do ask, I don’t always have an answer at hand. I feel that a camera can be used in so many different ways that it’s almost impossible to narrow things down.

I also think that overtime my choice of photography has evolved, it’s not the same now as it was when I was 25.

However if someone asked me today what my least favourite form of photography is I would have to answer, anything that’s not real. I feel that life in a small town like Kilkenny, Ireland is a little more limited in what people do and what they dress like.Even so I feel that photography should reflect the world around us all and that anything that is created outside of this world is faked.

So I guess the answer to what my most liked form of photography is, is anything that truly depicts and reflects the real world around us.

Some photographers pay to dress models in make-up and clothes that they would never dress in and live real lives in. Now, like I say this may have not been what I would have said at 25 years of age but it is what I feel today.

The world around us, is based on “what you see is what you get” and what you get may sometime appear to be a little ordinary but that’s what it is, it is ordinary. I think that the skill of any visual medium, when used correctly is to show you something a little different that you didn’t see first time.

My camera is for the real world not a fake one, one that only make-up can produce.

So then (Street, Landscape, Wedding and Sport photography) anything that really happens and people really do.




Portrait 02


Kilkenny Photography

Kilkenny photographer: Nigel Borrington

Wedding Photography Gallery and Details

I have just added some new work and information to the following web pages

Wedding Photography Gallery

Wedding Photography details

If you would like to take a good look!


Grennan mill craft school


Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school

On returning after my summer break (September 2011), I have made a decision to do a full review of my current portfolio along with the direction my photography is moving in over the next months. Even in good times I think this is a good thing to do once a year.

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Art and craft work

I have kept all my portfolio work over the last years and started to do a review at the weekend. One area of my portfolio I have not posted to date is my Art and Craft work. For starters it’s not exclusively photography and as such I have not wanted to muddy the waters.

However I feel that this work is as much a part of my portfolio history as anything, so I am going to show you some of the work that I submitted in order to pass the Level five course that I attended at the Grennan mill – craft and art school, Thomastown, county Kilkenny.

I attended the course full time between 2005 and 2008 and I enjoyed every minute, its without doubt one of the best things I have ever done and I would recommend this course to anyone.

The course involved the following subjects below and the pictures are from my portfolio in these areas.

Batik, Ceramics, Design, Drawing, Painting, Metal craft, Printing, Photography Textile weaving.

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Exam exhibition

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Metal craft

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - metal craft

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Print making

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Print making

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Art and design

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - stone sculpture

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan Mill craft school - Batik

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Ceramics : Sun dial

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Design

Grennan mill craft school - Metal craft

Grennan mill craft school - Metal craft

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - photography

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Photography and design sheet image

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school

Grennan mill craft school - Metal craft and design

Kilkenny art work and design

So there you are that’s my craft and art work, does it relate to the photography I am currently doing? You bet it does!

This course helped me with the design and vision that I hope I can put into my current work and who knows maybe one day I will come back to a more direct application for it, maybe I already have.

Kilkenny art work and photography by Nigel Borrington.

Studio63 portraits

While the main purpose of this web site is to showcase and detail Nigel’s landscape and nature work it is very much worth detailing some examples of the studio photography images that Nigel produces.

Studio photography by, Nigel Borrington

Nigel Borrington (Studio63)

The make-up and beauty studio opened in Callan at the start of 2011 and is owned and run by Karen Maher,

Karen contacted me about three weeks ago, to see if I would be interested in helping her to create a studio portfolio for her, needless to say I was delighted to help.

The following images are from our first studio session.

Kilkenny photography studio

Nigel Borrington (Studio63)

Studio63 Kilkenny photography

Image Nigel Borrington (Studio63)

Nigel Borrington ( Studio63 )

You need and of her services you can contact her as follows.

The Makeup and Beauty studio.
Karen Maher : 086 2597777 or


About : Nigel Borrington

Nigel is a photographer with his Studio and wedding photography business  Studio63  based in Callan, County Kilkenny in the south east of Ireland.

He has lived in county Kilkenny for some ten years. His background is in both Photography and Art and he is fully qualified in both areas. If you need to make an enquiry of any kind please contact Nigel on 086 153 0497 or go to the contacts page on the Studio63 web site and email Nigel from this location.

Nigel is a qualified member of the SINWP, SWPP and BPPA.