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The places I remember, all my life ……

Down by the canal
Altrincham, Greater Manchester, UK
Digital art work

I spent the early years of my life growing up in Altrincham in the greater Manchester area of northwest England. It was in these years, between the 1970’s and the late 1980’s that marked the end of the industrial age for the town.

This period left much of our local area with factories that became redundant and closed, some locations included empty land where factories once stood, a lot of these locations existed beside the Bridgewater canal.

I am currently working on a visual art project that is calling on my memories of these locations, working both digitally and with charcoal on paper, creating some compositions that reflect on this period of my life, places from my childhood. I am in my 50’s so this is not easy at times but I feel its a great exercise in visual storytelling…

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  1. brian_egerton

    Great image, reminds me of my childhood. Like you I lived in Manchester, first in Miles Platting until I was about 5/6 when they demolished row upon row of terraced streets, I never knew why with being so young, that is until 2-3 years ago. There’s a guy on YouTube called Martin Zero, he does a lot about the past in and a around Great Manchester, he has a series on the River Medlock and in one of the earlier episodes, if not the first, he talks about why Bradford Colliery had to close, it turns out that they had to pay Manchester City Council a load of money each month as they were causing subsidence to surrounding houses, now I lived on Bradford Road which is the main road nearest to the pit which has houses on.
    I digress, also like you both in Miles Platting and later Openshaw where we moved to I lived close to a Canaan, both Rochdale and Ashton Canals in Miles Platting ( I carried on attending Primary School in Miles Platting after we moved ) and the Ashton Canal in Openshaw.

    May 2, 2021 at 2:25 am

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