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The Crow, a winter time art project …..

The crows
A winters art project 2020/2021
Nigel Borrington

The Crows

A winter time art project, Digital painting created using a Wacom art tablet and taken from a photographic study of our local landscape and the Crows that have made it their winter home.

I feel today’s painting is a big step closer to the final paintings I am hoping to create, I like this composition much more than my last painting and I feel that I am now starting to represent the crows and the movement they create in our winter fields much better….

Poem – Crashing Waves and Images from the Waterford coast line ….

Images from the coast
County Waterford
November 2020
Nigel Borrington

Crashing Waves

Coming through the dreaming and the real years
I will be the waves and you will be a strange shore
I shall roll on and on, and break upon your lap with laughter
And no one in the world will know where we both are.

I will be like the breeze on the ocean waves
Drinking from the breasts of the ocean deep
Dew from the glistening morning weep
And each of its longing that daybreak craves.

From side to side grows each tubular wave
Each thinking that they catch me in its worth
They allow me to completely forget
What hour comes after this instant in time.

For painful is the oceans every wave
As it doesn’t let me to sit in peace
For the days which I have taken as lease
Are passing by and leaving me alone.

Weeping clouds drifting its moments in tears
I turn to face the dark black sea to mourn
From where I find no water to save
My soul from the sound of crashing waves.

Only in my illusory freedom amidst the universal chorus
The sun shining moods that flows around its spell
Why do human souls not sing as does the sea
Why does the east wind sigh?

From the earth up to the highest stars
Unanswered is my question to this very day
A voice lamenting in the wilderness
Leaves my soul protesting despairingly.

Movement in a winters Landscape(Digital sketches..)

Movement in a Winters Landscape
Digital sketchbook work
Nigel Borrington 2020

This evenings digital sketches.

I am working away to try to capture the movement that crows make in our winter landscapes.

I have ink and acrylic sketches in my project sketchbook but this images was created this evening, using a digital graphics tablet and an application (MYPAINT). The idea is that once I have worked for long enough on getting am impression on movement into my visual memory I can start to express this in larger and longer worked acrylic paintings on canvas.

The thing I am learning the most from this project is that, the ways I can express movement will largely rely on the way each type of art medium can best be used to do so, i.e. ink and watercolour will express movement in a different way than acrylic paint will.

The main thing is its all adding up to being great fun and a very pro-active method of enjoying many different artist materials 🙂