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Memories Of My Old Country Church – Poem by Sandra Morton

Memories Of My Old Country Church -  Photography : Nigel Borrington

Memories Of My Old Country Church –
Photography : Nigel Borrington

Memories Of My Old Country Church

Poem by Sandra Morto

In days of long ago, dad would hitch up Pet and, Topsy
away we’d go

To the neighborhood grocery for something to eat.
Me sitting beside dad, on that old wagon seat.
On the way we passed by this “OLD COUNTRY CHURCH”,
I always looked it over as I sat upon my perch.

For, you see, in those days we didn’t go.
But, Dad believed in God, for he told me so. Once we went
to revival, the preacher came back to talk.
I could tell Dad was going to be like old Pet and balk.

Dad told the preacher I’ll go forward if I ever feel God’s call,
but, for right now I don’t feel it’s the time at all.

The years came and went, and mom met this cousin, It’s been
years, since she’d seen him, over two dozen.

He’d become a preacher in years gone by. She ask if he’d
start up the “OLD COUNTRY CHURCH”, and he said he’d try.
Mom had been a Christian, since about twenty two, but didn’t
like to go, for the times dad went were few.

Mom made arrangements with members of the church board.
the preacher wouldn’t accept pay, many gave love offerings,
as they could afford. This was in the fall of 1955, along
about that time Grandmother died.

She was like a second mother to me, this was my first experience
with another dying. I thought my heart would break, an I’d
never stop crying. It would have helped to have known JESUS,
for, I couldn’t understand why she was taken from us.

Along, in July 1956, there was a revival, I’d decided to go,
if dad got the call, a lot got the call that night, 10 of us in all.
Relatives, neighbors, and friends. Surely God must have covered
a multitude of sins, and there, must have been joy in Heaven.

Oh! It must have been joy divine for mom to see so many baptized
on July 29. She was in failing health even then in 1956, but
what a joy, it must have been to see so many saved before the end.

Later on many more received the call. Two daughters, a brother-
in-law, and many more not family at all

The Moral of My Story is if she’d started sooner, think how many
more stars might have been in her crown of Glory.

Memories The old church

In 1976, Mom was called to that far and distant land. At the age,
of 57, why?, I could never understand, surely Gods work through
her was done, and her crown of victory won.

A sense of place : Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity Dublin 2

I just want to share in this post, a set of images taken at the end of May 2015 during a visit to Dublin including one of my favorite places to walk around and people watch, while having a coffee and some lunch to eat 🙂

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity Dublin 1

Trinity Dublin 3

Trinity Dublin 6

Trinity Dublin 4

Trinity Dublin 5