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The Old stone bridge, a Poem by, Tony Mitton

Irish Landscapes : Nigel Borrington

Irish Landscapes : Nigel Borrington

The old stone bridge

By, Tony Mitton

The old stone bridge
is where folk stood to talk,

watching the water go under,
hearing its fluent music
gather their words

to carry notions, ruminations, gossip
away in a silver wrapping
of rippled sound.

The Old bridge 2015 2

Sometimes, too, the women would come,
down the stone steps to the brookside
to launder the linen, the clothes.

And again, all the soil,
the sweat and the swear of life,
would be washed in that water,
rolled in that bundle
of tinkling, tumbling sound,

to be carried down,
out of sight and of mind,
rinsed by the workings of water.

Monday Morning Poems – Dark Wood, Dark Water, by – Sylvia Plath

Dark water dark wood

Dark Wood, Dark Water

By : Sylvia Plath

This wood burns a dark
Incense. Pale moss drips
In elbow-scarves, beards

From the archaic
Bones of the great trees.
Blue mists move over

Dark water Mondays 2

A lake thick with fish.
Snails scroll the border
Of the glazed water

With coils of ram’s-horn.
Out in the open
Down there the late year

Dark water Mondays 3

Hammers her rare and
Various metals.
Old pewter roots twist

Up from the jet-backed
Mirror of water
And while the air’s clear

Dark water Mondays 1

Hourglass sifts a
Drift of goldpieces
Bright waterlights are

Sliding their quoits one
After the other
Down boles of the fir.