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Three Poems for Sunday, all with the title “Small town”, Images of Callan, Kilkenny

Callan, County Kilkenny Landscape

Callan, County Kilkenny

Three Poems all with the title “Small town”

Small Town

By : Liz Anne

Jul 25, 2012

When I say I want more
Than this small town could offer

When I say I give more
Than this small town asks of me

When I say I’ve loved more
Than this small town could know

When I say I need more
Than this small town wants me to

I mean to say I am more
Than this small town would let me be

Callan County Kilkenny 1

Small Town

By : Rebecca Hattaway

Oct 29, 2012

In her smile I can see something-
something like satisfaction,
or even pride?

that she has everyone fooled
but no one is falling for the bullshit.
Secrets don’t exist here.

It’s a back and forth game,
and she denies it until the end.

Most people play along,
laughing quietly
“Just humor her,
Let her think we buy it.”

Callan County Kilkenny 2

Small Town

By : Silence Screamz

Oct 25, 2014

Small town people
Small town minds
Gossip turn sour
No secrets left behind

Small town girls
Small town boys
Turn off the lights
Lock up your toys

Small town crimes
Small town night
Light up the fires
Creeps into sight

Small town games
Small town sins
Newlywed murders
Takes it on the chin

Small town stories
Small town fairs
Drowning in the lake
Nobody cares