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Rainbow on the surface, Loch Lomand – Scotland

Rain on Loch Lomond 5
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm Vr lens
Rainbow falling on Loch Lomand
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Just for a moment the clouds opened up a gap for the Sun to shine on the surface of Loch Lomand and this Rainbow was formed, hitting the water just in front of a small boat.

Morning rain on Loch Lomand

Rain on Loch Lomond 2
Nikon D7000, 35mm f1.8 lens
Rain falling on Lock Lomand, Scotland
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

Last week I stayed in Luss on the banks of loch lomond, Scotland.

I got up early and walked down the the water front, it was a very wet morning so I took a large brolly with me and my Nikon. The rain was so heavy that it gave the entire surface of the loch take on a matt look. I took lots of images as you can see below.

The water level in the Loch is very high at the moment as you can see from the pier, used for local boat trips, as it was flooded and about two inches below the surface.

Rain on Loch Lomand : Gallery

Rain on Loch Lomond 1

Sunday on Loch Lomand

Rain on Loch Lomond 3

Rain on Loch Lomond 4

Rain on Loch Lomond 2