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Landscape Time Lapse Video, Snow clouds over slievenamon

Have you ever wondered why clouds cling to a mountain top, I took this Time-Lapse video this evening as the Sun started to set over Slievenamon, county Tipperary . As you can see as the clouds move away from the top of the mountain, they evaporate into nothing. I think this is because the air away from the peak is warmer?

I have been learning to create some time lapse video since the new year and have started to love creating some 10sec clips. For very reason that you start to see more clearly what is going on in the world around you when you view it accelerated, these clouds are a great example 🙂

An Evening walk above – Clonmel , County Tipperary , (Image Gallery)

An Evening Walk in the hillside woodland, Clonmel, County Tipperary, Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

An Evening Walk in the hillside woodland,
Clonmel, County Tipperary,
Irish Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

I just love taking a evening walk at this time of year, the evenings are staying lighter but we still get the chance to be out when the sun is very low in the sky, ready to set.

These recent images, show just how perfect I feel our local landscape looks in the early springtime evenings, with deep colours.

I love making the most of the Sun in my images, as it sinks behind the forest trees.

Evening walk , March 2015

An evening in the hill side woods 1

An evening in the hill side woods 2

An evening in the hill side woods 4

An evening in the hill side woods 5

An evening in the hill side woods 6

Last night I walked along the river, after the rain – Images and a Poem

Along the river after the rain 4
Sunset along the river Suir, County Tipperary
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Sometimes when I am out walking and taking pictures, I also use my phone to jot down some words then later use these to write a Poem.

I feel that words and poems – along with images are connected with one another in a big way. I love to share both here on this blog and I often share poems from people who share their work on poetry web sites, matching them to what I feel are related images I have taken.

This time the post is mixing my own Poem and Images from an evening walk along the river Suir, after a rain storm at the start of June.


Last night I Walked along the river after the rain

Last night in my dreams along the river I walked,
it rained and rained, The floods of June.

There will always be sunshine after the rain
Perhaps I walked , perhaps even ran,
Towards the Setting evening Sun.

Along the river after the rain 1.

It lights up the river, I see every rushing and flowing drop,
The warmth from its light can calm every dreaming fear.

After it sets below the trees,
my dreams much deeper,
still linger throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish at dawn’s early light.

Along the river after the rain 3

Poem and images : Nigel Borrington

Irish Landscape Photography

Lower lake killarny Sunset
A sunset over the lower lakes of Killarney national park.
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

One evening on a visit to Killarney, National park, I was just returning from a long walk after watching the Stag’s in the mountains above the lakes and getting some photographs. I then noticed that the Sun-set was just wonderful over the far hills in the west.

I had about 20 shots left on the card I had, so captured a few images from the grounds of the Hotel.

I have shared some of them before but still enjoy looking at them and remembering this wonderful moment, so here is another one that I wanted to share and post.

Sunset on the River

a evening by the river bank

Sunset on the River

Jan Weeratunga, South Africa

Reds, pinks, oranges and gold’s catch the edge of the clouds and slowly turn the evening sky into a canvas waiting to be painted.
The sun’s last ray’s bounce off the cloud’s lining as it sinks gradually beyond the horizon.

Playfully the rays dance off the shimmering surface of the river,
Another fish jumps from the water,
Sending a concertina of ripples to the riverbank’s shoreline.

Golden waves approach as the setting sun sinks slowly below the horizon,
And small waves lap the side of our boat in an unending regular rhythm.

The repetitive knocking of the fender against the hull takes on the beat of the river,
Tapping the boat and shoreline alike,
It’s constant rhythm disturbed only by the wake of a passing boat or water bird landing on its surface.

Crickets join in with their own percussion as the melody is taken up by the surrounding birdlife,
Each chorus, their evening song as they head along the river bank in search of their nights roost.
Insects buzz over the surface, darting this way and that,
As swallows swoop swiftly, snapping them up in their gaping beaks.

Against the Western horizon a kingfisher dives into calmer waters bathed in a glorious warm orange light.
To the East the night’s first star is born,
It shimmers and shivers into life,
Just as the river serenely falls to sleep.

Peace is coming to the river as the ‘time between times’ –
That suspended few minutes of sunset –
Links all things in this world in a glorious golden moment before darkness descends.

Gradually the river slips into sleep
And the moon begins to rise and perform her dance across the waters glassy surface;
Replacing her brothers golden rays with her own silver ones.

Silver shimmering light bathes all beneath it,
Only disturbed by an occasional fish breaking free of its watery surrounds,
To be touched and blessed by the moonlight,
Before diving back down to the river bed.

The moon arches across the night sky,
Playing with the stars,
Until her brothers warming rays tell her it is once again time to allow the miracle of night and day to exchange places.

a morning by the river bank
At first only a thin glowing red streak spreads along the tree line,
But quickly the shades of red are replaced by orange and then yellow,
And as the sun wakes from its nights slumber,
Dawn summons us from sleep,
And the tempo of waves against the boats hull increase with the blaze of activity that is engulfing the river,

And the throbbing beat signals a new day is beginning.