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St Johns, Kilkenny. Images from a wedding day.

St Johns church kilkenny 6
All Images using a Nikon D700
A Wedding in St Johns, County Kilkenny
Kilkenny wedding photographer : Nigel Borrington

These are just some of the images from a wedding I photographed in St Johns, county Kilkenny a little time back.

The couple asked for some black and white images, so here are just some of the one’s that I worked on for them.

A wedding at St John’s

St Johns church kilkenny 18

St Johns church kilkenny 19

St Johns church kilkenny 7

St Johns church kilkenny 11

St Johns church kilkenny 10

St Johns church kilkenny 8

St Johns church kilkenny 20

Wedding musicians, St Johns, Kilkenny

St Johns church kilkenny 15
Images using a Nikon D700
Wedding Musicians, St John, County Kilkenny
Kilkenny wedding photography : Nigel Borrington

During a wedding at St Johns, I took a moment to get some images of the Musicians as they played.

Their Music was just wonderful to listen too and I was also very pleased with the photographs when I got back to the studio.

Images of the musicians

St Johns church kilkenny 14

St Johns church kilkenny 12

St John, Kilkenny

St Johns church kilkenny 16
All images using a Nikon D7000
St Johns parish church, county Kilkenny
Kilkenny photographer: Nigel Borrington.

St Johns, Kilkenny is one of the counties best known churches and I have photographed weddings for a few wedding couples here since I have been working as a photographer here in Ireland.

It’s not the main church in the town but I have to say I think its the best looking of them all, the images below were taken the very first time I worked on a wedding here. I always if possible attend the church a day or two before a wedding just to do some test shots and check on my access around the church along with the lighting condition.

As you can see in these images the hight of the church and the windows creates some very dramatic lighting.

Gallery of St Johns, Kilkenny

St Johns church kilkenny 5

St Johns church kilkenny 4

St Johns church kilkenny 17

St Johns church kilkenny 3

St Johns church kilkenny 2

St Johns church kilkenny 1

St John’s Church Kilkenny

St Johns Kilkenny by Nigel Borrington

St Johns Kilkenny, by kilkenny photogrpher : Nigel Borrington

St John Parish church, Kilkenny.

The orginal Roman Catholic Parish Church of St. John’s was situated in Maudlin Street. This earlier church’s construction commemced in 1840 and was finished by 1847. It was the last in line of several churches or Mass Houses that had existed in Maudlin Street. The stone from this earlier church was later used in the building of the Dr. Collier Wing of St. Kieran’s College that opened in 1956. The site of the new St. John’s was donated by the Marquis of Ormonde. The foundation stone was laid on the 22nd May 1897 and consecrated on the 20th of June 1908.

The original design was by William Hague, on his death, it was completed by William H. Byrne. It was built in the neo-Gothic style popular at the time. Difficulties encountered early on meant that the original spire in the design was omitted to ensure the stability of the building. The large sculptured panel over the front door incorporates an eagle, symbol of St. John the Evangelist.

The church is often known as the O’Loughlin Memorial Church. This commemorates Thomas O’Loughlin of Sandfordscourt. Thomas’ uncle Martin has made his fortune in the Australian gold rush. On inheriting this fortune Thomas carried out his uncle’s wishes to build a church in his native diocese of Ossory. He donated £50,000 towards the construction of St. John’s. He was later made a Papal Count in recognition of his generosity.

Ref : St John parish church

Images by Nigel Borrington, Kilkenny based photographer.