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Good morning Ducks

Russian Grey geese
Nikon D7000, 50mm f1.4 lens, iso 200
Russian grey geese
Nigel Borrington

This Morning is one of our last mornings for a while that we are looking after our friends farm while they are away, So I thought I would share the experience of feeding their Muscovy ducks( Thank you seeingspotsphoto ).

They sleep the night in a home made hut to keep out any interested foxes that may wonder into the field, the hut is just lovely and the work that going into both building it and keeping it looking so rustic is wonderful.

The six of them eat wet meal feed served into a dish from a bucket filled with water and soaked overnight, its just brilliant to watch them in the morning finding a place to feed from.

This time helping look after the chickens, geese and horses has just been brilliant!