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Templemichael church, Ballynatray estate, Cork.

The forgotten at rest 1
All images : Sigma SD15, 15-30mm f3.5-4.5 lens,iso 50
Templemichael church and grave yard, County Cork
Landscape Photography : Nigel Borrington

TempleMichael church, County Cork

If you walk around the Irish landscape, one feature that cannot be avoided and that you will come across very quickly is the countries abandoned church yards, I find these places just amazing to walk around. The grave yard here must contain at least 200 graves, all surrounding the church which is itself in ruins and just a shell.

I have no intention of dealing with the history and as to why these places are forgotten, but I think that anyone would feel a little uneasy walking around these yards. Generations of French/British/Irish – European people rest here, families going back some two or three hundred years.

No one left to lay flowers, No one to cut the grass. Most of the head stones are slowly falling over and the names disappearing. my only personal interest in these church’s is based around the fact that when I walk around them I see no one visiting, no one sitting next to the grave’s of their ancestors, any descendants are absent from these place’s.

History of TempleMichael church

In 1183 Raymond le Gros established a Preceptory of Knights Templar at Rhincrew, an out post of which was TempleMichael. The keep was built specifically to control the river crossing.
The now ruined Church of Ireland parish church dates from 1823 it was built with a grant from the Board of the First Fruits, and until about twenty years ago was used for worship.

Gallery of TempleMichael church and grave’s

The forgotten at rest 2

The forgotten at rest 3

The forgotten at rest 4

The forgotten at rest 5

The forgotten at rest 6