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The Glassblower , Images from Waterford crystal and a Poem By : Jeff Crandall

Waterford Crystal Glass blower  Photography : Nigel Borrington

Waterford Crystal Glass blower
Photography : Nigel Borrington

The Glassblower

By : Jeff Crandall

This vessel has curves
pleasing to the eye, a soft lip,
a flat foot to rest on. I want to cup my palms
over the glowing color of its cooling,
but later. . . .

Now my eye is caught in the heat
of its final fire polish.
What dripped from the pipe
—radiant, thick as semen—
achieves fulfillment in the motions
of my own turning.

The amorphous, the malleable
awakens. There is a taste to the air here.
Steel. Iron in your mouth.

Waterford Crystal Glass blower 2

What formed at the glory hole
delicate as an adolescent
reflection in a mirror
cools in the first few minutes from that heat,
cools to the rigid shatter state.

If I hold this glass
suspended in the lit gas heat
I can watch it slump. I can let the thin walls
collapse and tear
back to a puddle of clear:

Waterford Crystal Glass blower 4

I wipe saliva from my chin.
I anneal myself with hugs.
I contain the polarized stresses.
I return to the cold of the holding shelf.

Waterford Crystal Glass blower 3

The Glassblower a Poem by : Rhonda Baker

The Glass blower 2
Jerpoint Glass studios, County Kilkenny
Irish Photography : Nigel Borrington

The Glassblower

by, Rhonda Baker

Inside a building near the center of town
A glassblower’s love of glass is quite profound
With sweat on his brow and jacks firmly in hand
Lost in a piece oblivious to the land
People are gathered to observe the dance
To watch this unexpected miracle; as if by chance
To watch someone struggle with every fiber of their soul
To make the biggest, most colorful and stunning…Bowl?

The Glass blower 1.

It’s a madness for which no cure can be found
But one he’d gladly have, it’s that profound
For glass teaches a lesson that must be taught
Life; like glass must be wrought
And when illuminated, it shines so bright
Now seeing it’s beauty; what an awesome sight!

Rhonda Baker

Jerpoint Glass

Glass studio Co.Kilkenny

Jerpoint Glass studio, Co.Kilkenny : Nigel Borrington

Jerpoint Glass studio’s. Co Kilkenny

“Jerpoint Glass Studio is a true family business. Established in 1979 by Keith and Kathleen Leadbetter, together they have built Jerpoint into an internationally recognised name.

Keith initially trained in pottery, mould making and throwing on the wheel. He also worked in laboratory glassblowing in North Staffordshire, England.

In the late 1960s he attended the prestigious Orrefors Glass School in Sweden, where he received his formal training. After travelling extensively throughout Europe to develop his skills in hot glass Keith returned to Ireland. Kathleen is a self-taught artist who is passionate about aesthetics and design, with a natural flair for business. Together they started Jerpoint Glass Studio from the converted Dutch barn at their home in Co. Kilkenny.

Their skill and passion for glass has now been passed onto their four children, who are all actively involved in the business. The Leadbetter Family have been making handmade glass from their studio for thirty years. With the unique Jerpoint colour palette, Jerpoint will make a welcome addition to any home.

“We feel sure that the more you use your Jerpoint Glass the more you will love and appreciate the softness and durability of the hand-finished rim.” (Keith Leadbetter)”

Jerpoint Glass

Kilkenny photographer : Nigel Borrington /