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Seven day Black and white photo challenge! : Forestry

Seven day Black and white photo challenge!
Day 1

Yesterday on my facebook page I was tagged by a great photo blogger and friend Sharon Walters Knight to take part in a seven day black and white photo challenge !

Day 1: Is this image from one of our local forests. Forest floor matting , When the forest workers finish clearing and area of woodland they save a lot of branches for matting, this matting is used to lay down tracks for their heavy machines to drive over , these roads of sticks save the environment along with many insects and plant life including seeds.

While not a stunning image as such, I felt it just captured a part of the processes involved in forestry

Kilkenny Landscape Photography

Kilkenny Landscape Photography On the Forest Road Nigel Borrington

Kilkenny Landscape Photography
On the Forest Road
Nigel Borrington

Way back in the year, February 2014 our forests here in county KIlkenny lost a lot of their trees due to very bad storms with high winds, it has taken almost ten months to clear most of this damage but the task is almost complete.

While out walking yesterday I noticed that the last of the many forest areas had been cleared of it fallen trees, I guess this is a great point to reach as the job of planting many new trees can now begin.

Kilkenny Landscape Photography, on the forest road : Gallery

on the forest road 1

on the forest road 2

on the forest road 3

on the forest road 4

on the forest road 6

on the forest road 7

Friday , A day in the Forests

A day in the Forests 3
Nikon D700
A day in the forests of Kilkenny
Irish Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

I just spent today working on some images for a local forestry team, these images are for a brochure that they are about to publish.

The weather was just wonderful and I just love being out in the woods watching the tree being thinned out and working with a camera along side these men. the sound of the machines and the speed at which they work in amazing.

Thank you to the men in this forestry team, who helped so much, to create some good and very interesting working images !

A day in the Forests 5

A day in the Forests 4

A day in the Forests 1

Kilkenny landscape photography

KIlkenny landscape photography 01
Fujifilm x100
Kilkenny forestry, Hugginstown, county Kilkenny
Irish landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

Forestry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in Ireland today, only some 10% of the Irish country side is Forested this being the second lowest in Europe.

This article on covers this subject very well:

Ireland now has the ‘second-smallest’ forest area in Europe

The Gallery below is of a Birch woodland near Huggins town county Kilkenny.

The foresters had been in and thinning the trees so that this area can develop into a wonderful open woodland space.

Kilkenny Forestry , Black and white Gallery

KIlkenny landscape photography 08

KIlkenny landscape photography 02

KIlkenny landscape photography 03

KIlkenny landscape photography 04

KIlkenny landscape photography 05

KIlkenny landscape photography 01

KIlkenny landscape photography 06

KIlkenny landscape photography 07