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Finding art in nature, natural compositions.

Rock art 2
Natural compositions, Lichen and rock
Photography : Nigel Borrington

Finding art in nature, natural compositions

I am a strong believer that nature itself is an artist and that all artists are doing really is to seek out and highlight to other people what elements of our natural surroundings interests themselves the most.

I took sometime away from my Blog this weekend and had an almost technology free time, walking and relaxing and just taking time to look and take in some new locations and subjects.

I took a walk through one of our local forests here in County Kilkenny and while taking a rest for a moment I noticed some Lichen formations on the rocks around me. These rocks themselves had amazing colours from the mixed amount of Minerals that they contained, the Lichen which dies back in the summer months had left some very interesting patterns.

I feel the resulting images are worth sharing as I liked very much the colours and textures produced on this rock surface, I also liked the compositions that could be found while moving the camera around the these Lichens.


Rock art 1

Rock art 3

Rock art 4

Rock art 5

Rock art 2