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Ode to the Coast , Poem By : John Cooper Clarke

St Annes Pier 100

Ode to the Coast

By : John Cooper Clarke

A big fat sky and a thousand shrieks

The tide arrives and the timber creaks

A world away from the working week

Ou est la vie nautique?

That’s where the sea comes in…

Dishevelled shells and shovelled sands,

Ode to the Coast 036

Architecture all unplanned

A spade n bucket wonderland

A golden space, a Frisbee and

The kids and dogs can run and run

And not run in to anyone

Way out! Real gone!

That’s where the sea comes in

Impervious to human speech, idle time and tidal reach

Some memories you can’t impeach

A nice cuppa splosh and a round of toast

A cursory glance at the morning post

A pointless walk along the coast

That’s what floats my boat the most

That’s where the sea comes in….

That’s where the sea comes in

Ode to the Coast 034