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Archive for July 4, 2013

This Sparrowhawk, in our Garden

bird of pray Sparrowhawk
Nikon D7000, 18-200mm lens, iso 400
A Sparrow-hawk in our garden
Photography by : Nigel borrington

One Saturday afternoon last summer I arrived back from a morning visit to a local wildlife reserve, I had got some good images mostly of a fox sitting in a field just outside the woods.

I sat down in our garden with a cup of tea and started looking at my fox friend on the back of the camera, Right in front of my view landed this young and fantastic looking Sparrowhawk. As he was so close to the table I wondered if even to lift the camera would make him fly off but I had to do something, so I slowly put the camera to my eye and just for a moment he did move his head but I took about five shots and stopped just to check that the noise of the camera had not made him fly off.

In the end he stayed on the fence for about four minutes looking around the garden and letting me get some more images, we have bird feeders and I think he knew exactly what he was looking for. Sometime they very thing your looking for is under your nose!

The following web page is a great little description on the Sparrowhawk in Ireland.

I walked through an ancient path, woodland poems

In wild woodlands 2
Fujifilm x100, 35mm focus length, iso 800
Kilkenny woodlands
Landscape photography : Nigel Borrington

A woodland walk

I walked through ancient paths,
where hidden mysteries lay
beneath our feet
and a choir of birds sing out loud,
with jewels dancing in the air.

In wild woodlands 3

Scrunching feet walk along
the twisting paths which
zigzag their way through
tall giants. Giants who
stand next to us.

While stepping on the
bones of the past,
sweet smells turn orange to red.
The giants form a roof with windows.

Sheltering the emerald flowers that
dapple the green carpet.
Spider webs shimmer like silver silk
as they whisper their secrets.
I walked those ancient paths.


A Woodland Walk

I took a walk today,
where the trees like giants,
held up the sky.
The breeze tickled the leaves

In wild woodlands 4

Many people have walked
on these ancient paths,
Discovering hidden secrets,
Foxes hiding in the shadows,
birds calling from the tree tops.

I took a walk today
and passed a trickling stream,
Where leaves crunched underfoot.
Water ran over boulders,
as it tumbled down the bank.

In the dappled shade,
jewel like light hits the ground.
Flies hang in the air, dancing.
What a wonderful walk!

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