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Fujifilm X100

Fuji film X100


In my drive to replace a long lost but much loved contax G2.

Contax G2

An electronic range finder and film camera, I have purchased two cameras in recent months.
Both being second hand but much loved, these are a Canon G1x and a Fujifilm X100

Since giving up film way back in 1999 I have only used Nikon digital SLR camera bodies for everything I do.

Every time I sorted out my photography kit my Contax G2 just sat there looking at me and begging me to do something with it, so last summer I sold it on ebay for a price that I was just about happy with.

This created a problem however, all the time it had still existed for me it created a possibility that I had a compact system that I could use if needed, however I never did. The idea of ordering then posting off film, to be processed just killed my interest in using it anymore.

So now I have replaced my Contax G2 with these two second hand cameras, I have used them on times when I just don’t need or want an slr system with me.

Over the next few weeks I will post just exactly what I think of them both, I don’t intend to do a ken Rockwell type camera review however, I just want to share what I think of them as I use them.

X100 Sample image

Fuji film X100
Kilkenny landscape photography
By:Nigel Borrington


3 responses

  1. Bob Fogt

    Hello, Nigel. Glad to have discovered your blog, having come across it while surfing for G1X info. I recently bought one, and was struck by how much it reminded me of my old Contax G! I thought it might be nice to try one of the Olympus VF-1 viewfinders on it at my favorite 35mm focal lenghth, and then came across the photos of your camera.

    Is that the VF-1 that I see? How do you like that setup? And how do you work around some of the ‘shortcomings’ I’ve discovered when using the OVF…..namely that switching off the LCD robs you of things like the shortcut button and manual focus? Seems that facing the screen in towards the camera even removes the function of step zoom from the front control wheel.

    Seems as though you are using the camera in somewhat the same way I would like to, and hope that you may be willing to share the benefit of your experience.

    Regards from Minnesota, USA

    March 11, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    • Hello Bob and thanks for finding my website,

      I still miss my old Contax G and its lenses but had to move on. This camera and the X100 is about as good as it gets in modern terms, what about Leica I can hear people say well they don’t do auto-focus and you need to sell your car to get them.

      Yes it is a VF-1 that I got of someone, I changed it to match the G!x a little, I also have one on my X100.

      Firstly I don’t turn off the screen I flip it to the side and turn it up at an angle so that I can still see it if needed.

      I only use the VF-1 with the g1x at 35mm and only to get a clear view + along with C1 or C2 setting for thing like street photography.

      I have found the G1x auto focus to be great, a lot of people say it slow but then I have found some other cameras to beep quickly then when you get home half the shots are back or front focused.

      So I don’t do manual focus on this camera that much, I don’t think Canon expect this to be your only camera. It well could be but every camera has its limits and I feel that an slr viewfinder is the place for manual focus.

      The fuji x100 is the king of manual focus compacts as with their X-pro 1, because they give you a focus distance reading you can do hyper focus setting i.e set the lens to (e.g) F8 and then set your back focus distance so that your expected subject is half way between front and back focus.

      With the G1x just go into manual focus set the aperture to say F8 You can then shot away all day. This takes some practice but its digital not film so keep going until it becomes second nature what you got in focus and what you didn’t.

      Street photography made simple.

      So Don’t turn off the G1x screen I think is what I am saying.

      The VF-1 is 4:3 format as for the G1x so that’s good too…

      March 11, 2013 at 8:05 pm

      • Bob Fogt

        Thanks so much, that is really helpful!

        March 11, 2013 at 10:30 pm

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