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Archive for February 13, 2013

Frozen in the irish landscape


It has been sometime since my last post on this site and too long for my own good.

My photography however has not stopped in any shape or form; I have been working with many customers on their weddings and family images and still building up my landscape work.
For many living in Ireland the last four years it has been a difficult time and none of it down to any personal issues. It’s very easy during the times we live in to be moved from the direction you should be pointing in and to go down another path altogether. For me I don’t think I went down any other path at all be just found that I was heading in the same direction but much more slowly than before. Frozen out by concern as to what direction we all have been heading in and also a little swamped by all the bad news we have been getting almost every day for about four years. Since the new year I haven’t listen to any news at all since I don’t see the advantage to me personally anymore. All I need to know is what I am doing to get back on track.

Then something came to me that has actually been under my nose all the time. I have been working for a customer for sometime who has a large collection of art work going back to the 1940’s. This collection is nationally very important and needed to be photographed in order to produce an archive.

The amount of work produced during the life time of this artist is amazing and must amount to two or three items per day for many years.

Through the life time of this collection of work, day in day out this artist kept on working, no guarantee that any of this work was going to sell and indeed most didn’t otherwise I would not have anything to photograph. He took no shortcuts and no easy route to go and had no cast iron guarantee it was going to result in anything at all.

What he didn’t do however was to allow himself to be become frozen, stuck and distracted by anything.


So I guess all we can do is join this example, cut out the bad news and get back on track and see where we are all heading.